My first term at WBS

03 August 2022

BSc Management student Lisha Shang Hua gives an insight into her first term at Warwick Business School; from settling into campus life, to joining new societies.

My name is Lisha and I am a first year BSc Management student at WBS. I have lived in Shanghai, Barcelona, Brighton and now Warwick. I think growing up in multiple cultures really helped to develop my communication skills and helped me to widen my horizons. I chose to study at WBS when looking at universities because I really liked the friendly and culture diverse atmosphere, up-to-date teaching and the modern infrastructures that it offers.

When looking at universities I knew I wanted to study BSc Management because during my A Level business course, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about business theories and learning how to apply these theories in case studies. I also have a strong interest in understanding how the real business world operates, so to enhance my knowledge I chose to study a BSc Management course at university.

My first term at WBS has been aWarwick campus very enjoyable experience. In terms of the social aspect, I felt warmly welcomed at the start of the year. I remember during fresher’s week, WBS arranged an ice cream van event to give us the opportunity to get know our course mates whilst being able to explore the WBS building together. In terms of academic aspect, during my first term I developed a set of new skills such as team working, work-life balance and independent learning. I would say it was challenging at first, as studying at university level is very different to studying for your A levels. Studying at university is much more in depth and the content is taught at a much faster pace, encouraging you to be more self-driven and self-motivated when it comes to absorbing new knowledge. However with the support of my personal tutor, my module leaders and the easy access to lots of online resources I have been able to overcome the academic challenges I was faced with during my first term.

When I began my first term at WBS I also joined WBSS (Warwick Business School Society), which is one of the biggest societies on campus. What I like about this society the most is that it has given me the opportunity to meet lots of amazing people and attend a wide range of events. So far I have attended both a mixture of career focused and social events. Some highlights of the events are Corporate Pitch, Alternative Investment with Oaktree, and Sports in Business. These events offered me a chance to expand my knowledge and network with different people. Another great highlight of my society experience is that I have formed many new and meaningful friendships throughout my time with WBSS.

In my first term I also attendedGeese outside WBS building some careers sessions with the WBS CareersPlus team which have been really beneficial to me. These sessions offered me an opportunity to ask specific questions and gain advice about my future career, I also gained detailed insights of the operation of consulting companies.

What I love the most about the Warwick campus is the contemporary and state of the art buildings which are surrounded by beautiful greenery. I really enjoy walking past the lake and seeing all the geese on the way to my seminars. For students who are considering whether to study at WBS I would say that WBS doesn’t only enhance you academically but your experience here will also enrich you as a person.

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