Why choose a campus university

18 November 2021

There are lots of things to consider when choosing which university to study at. After deciding on the right course, the next most important factor is whether you'd prefer to study at a campus or a city-based university, and this decision will shape your university experience more than you’d think.

If you’re unsure whether a campus university is right for you, check out our list of some advantages of living in the ‘Warwick Bubble.’

Everything you need is in one place

The campus at Warwick is like a mini student town with cafes, shops, bars, and lots of interesting things to do all in one conveniently located student bubble. As a first-year undergraduate student, you’ll most likely be living on campus, so it’s super easy to get from your accommodation to your lectures in just a few minutes.

Sense of community

Living and studying on campus has a really tight-knit feel so it’s easy to make new friends, get involved in societies, and try lots of new things because there is something happening all the time. Wherever you go on campus you’ll be bumping into people which makes it feel like a cosy and sociable place to live and study.

Green space

Perhaps one of the best things about campus unis is that you are surrounded by lots of beautiful green spaces. At Warwick, you can step out of your front door to go for a walk, catch up on your lecture notes, or picnic with friends in a picturesque setting.

What our undergraduates love about campus life

Our undergraduates are on hand to share their reasons for choosing a campus-based university…  


The green campus

Chloe Tan, BSc Accounting & Finance

“The University of Warwick’s campus spans 720 acres just on the outskirts of Coventry. No matter the time of the year, the campus is always dressed in finery, each season ushering in a new set of colours, a new atmosphere, and a whole new generation of wildlife. Having moved to the UK from Singapore, a country that doesn’t have a lot of green spaces, the areas of nature both on and off-campus take my breath away.”

“Some of my favourite areas on campus are the views that you get from the Cryfield sports pitches which are truly amazing. Mostly because there is actual terrain in this part of the campus that you rarely find elsewhere. The great expanse of sports pitches contrasts against the rolling hills and scenic view in the background, making for a very picturesque scene indeed. It is even more amazing if you manage to catch the last rays of daylight here. This is also the starting point of a path that extends all the way to Kenilworth, a quaint little town not far from the university. So, if you are the type of person who enjoys taking a leisurely stroll every now and then, this area is perfect for you. Also, when summer comes around, this place with its big open space is the perfect spot for an outdoor picnic with your friends.”

The global community at WBS

Jinesh Timbadia, BSc Accounting & Finance

“The diversity of the people that you will meet at Warwick has to be one of the greatest aspects of my university experience. The university has a very wide array of students from all over the world and this allows for greater knowledge sharing, differing viewpoints, and fresh perspectives. The friends I have made at Warwick, I am certain will be lifelong. Private friendships aside, the professional relationships that I have had with some of the academic staff, the WBS Undergraduate team, the marketing department, and the CareersPlus team have been very exciting. At Warwick, the people are so welcoming that you do not feel like an outsider, you feel like part of an exciting community.”

The wide range of societies

Cassylda Augusto Rodrigues, BSc Management

“When I first arrived at Warwick, I was overwhelmed with the plethora of societies available, and I was enticed by things I hadn’t tried before such as Latin and Ballroom Dancing and Cheerleading. I was also drawn to things I already had experience of like volunteering and contemporary dance.”

“Warwick African Caribbean Society (ACS) was a huge part of my integration into Warwick. From the group chat, before I started university, to the games nights and overall support throughout university, I felt it aided my transition so much due to the cultural community aspect of the society. Additionally, in the first term of my first year, I participated in their yearly show ‘Afrofest’ which is a cultural celebration of music, dance, drama, and fashion. It was a perfect opportunity to make new friends in such a short period of time (due to the hours spent in rehearsals!). The final show and after party was a huge success and were a great celebration of all we had achieved and put together!”

Warwick SU has over 250 societies covering a wide range of student interests, so there is bound to be one for you! Find out more from Cassylda here >

The unique Sports and Wellness Hub

Efi Dimakopoulou, BSc International Management

“For me, the Sports and Wellness Hub is the most unique building on campus for an array of reasons. The minute you step into the huge building you are in complete awe. The modern architecture and the massive size of the building is really breathtaking. The variety and quality of the classes and workouts offered are outstanding, to say the least.  Any fitness enthusiast can satisfy his or her exercising needs and, to be honest, I am pretty confident that the Sports Hub available at Warwick can make anyone a fitness enthusiast.”

“As much as I love the gym, my favourite activity at the Sports and Wellness Hub by far is the group classes. These take place in large parquet rooms and range from yoga and stretching classes to high-intensity weight training, for example, body attack, and legs, bums, and tums. All the instructors are full of energy, the music is loud, and the ambience is always vibrant. If you attend the same classes each week, you start to see familiar faces and it provides a great way to build your social circle. Making friends becomes easier, and work-out buddies always give you that motivation boost even when you are not feeling like exercising.”

With the fully-equipped gym to the 25 metre pool and climbing wall, the Sports and Wellness Hub has something for everyone. Efi share’s her review of the facilities here >

Want to know more about making the most of campus life at Warwick? Download our undergraduate brochure or discover more about life at Warwick on our website.