The Warwick Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science


WBS Faculty has strength and depth across the key areas of challenge for executives and organisations.

On the Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science you will engage with, and be taught by, some of the world’s best researchers, business teachers and practitioners - all specialists in our Executive Diploma areas of focus.

All faculty members teaching on the Diploma are either research active academics producing the latest business theories, or Professors of Practice who are successful senior business and industry practitioners, and experts in facilitating research.

  • Dr Tim Mullett

    Course Director

    Tim Mullett is an associate professor in the behavioural science group at Warwick Business School. He attained his PhD at the University of Nottingham studying Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. He then attained a role as research fellow in the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science based at Warwick. He also held roles at at the University of Cambridge and University of Bath before taking up his current position in WBS. Tim's research uses a variety of methodologies including eye tracking and neuroimaging to better understand how people make choices and search for information. A major part of his work applies big data analysis to real world datasets to examine how people make choices outside of the lab.

  • Dr Constantinos Antoniou

    Associate Professor of Finance & Behavioural Science

    Constantinos joined WBS as an Assistant Professor of Finance and Behavioural Science in 2013. He holds a PhD from the University of Durham. Constantinos' research focuses on behavioural finance, addressing issues related to learning and the formation of expectations in the context of portfolio choice, corporate decisions and empirical asset pricing.

  • Professor Nick Chater

    Professor of Behavioural Science 

    Nick Chater joined WBS in 2010, after holding chairs in psychology at Warwick and UCL. He has over 200 publications, has won four national awards for psychological research, and has served as Associate Editor for the journals Cognitive Science, Psychological Review, and Psychological Science. He was elected a Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society in 2010 and a Fellow of the British Academy in 2012. Nick is co-founder of the research consultancy Decision Technology; and is on the advisory board of the Cabinet Office's Behavioural Insight Team (BIT), popularly know as the 'Nudge Unit'.

  • Dr Dawn Eubanks

    Associate Professor of Behavioural Science & EI

    Dawn is an Associate Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School. She earned her PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a minor in quantitative methods from The University of Oklahoma. Dawn's research interests are primarily in the areas of leadership and innovation, with particular interest in destructive leadership. Within leadership, she is exploring the darker side including reactions to criticism and different types of leader errors as related to performance outcomes. Innovation research includes a focus upon how to foster this characteristic across a range of contexts. Additionally, she has researched cognitive processes such as intuition and its relationship to creativity. Her research findings appear in journals such as The Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Creativity Research Journal, and Human Resource Management Review.

  • Dr Redzo Mujcic

    Assistant Professor of Behavioural Science 

    Redzo Mujcic is an Assistant Professor of Behavioural Science at the Warwick Business School. His research is primarily in applied economics and quantitative social science. In particular, he focuses on the empirical study of human well-being, cooperation, and discrimination. In his work, he uses a range of methods including large longitudinal surveys and field experiments. His work has been published in journals such as the Economic Journal, Social Science & Medicine, and the American Journal of Public Health. His research has also featured in international media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Atlantic, CNN, Forbes, and Time Magazine.

  • Professor Daniel Read

    Professor of Behavioural Science 

    Daniel is Professor of Behavioural Economics at Warwick Business School. He has consulted for the UK government and the Financial Services Authority on many aspects of behavioural economics, especially as it relates to consumer welfare and environmental marketing. He has published widely in leading journals including Psychological Review, Management Science, Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, Risk Analysis, and Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. He is a former associate editor of Management Science, and former editor of Journal of Economic Psychology.