Creating Value Through Workplace Wellbeing

Your Experience

Over two consecutive days, you will learn about the behavioural science of wellbeing within modern organisations and how you can use an evidence-based approach to create a more productive and successful workplace. You will apply these scientific insights to critically analyse and design your ideal workplace.

  • Conceptual framework: Explore the conceptual and empirical measurement of employee wellbeing and feelings in the workplace
  • Research and evidence: Application and evidence-based approach
  • Critical analysis and best practice: How to critically evaluate scientific methods, findings and policies aimed at improving employee wellbeing in practice.

Student Blogs

My experiments following Behavioural Science in Practice

Allison Zelkowitz, Lebanon Country Director at Save the Children, attended Behavioural Science in Practice in May 2019, the short executive programme delivered by Warwick Business School and The Behavioural Insights Team. Allison shares some insights into how her learning translated back into organisational impact.

Returning to education

Executive Diploma in Organisational Change participant, Rishikesh Joshi, explores how the programme has supported his practical experience with theory and knowledge.