Professional Networks

Professional Networks

Our Professional Networks are groups of students, alumni and staff who all share a common interest in a specific industry or sector. You can join as many groups as you like, and membership is open to the whole Warwick community to maximise networking opportunities.

Groups are run by student and alumni volunteers, with support and guidance from WBS. Each group works in a slightly different way, depending on the interests of participants. Most focus their activity on LinkedIn discussion groups complemented by events, both online and face-to-face at Warwick and WBS London at The Shard.

Popular events include keynote lectures from inspirational leaders, panel discussions focused on sharing industry insights, and social events to broaden your professional network. Each group aims to support your personal and professional development through continued learning outside the classroom.

For further information on any of the professional networks please contact us.

Finance Network

The Warwick Finance Network runs activities and events to enable networking amongst alumni and students working in the finance industry or in a financial position within their organisation.  

Technology Network

The Warwick Technology professional network aims to create a dialogue between industry and academia, by regularly welcoming technology experts and academic researchers to share innovation and best practice in webinars and face-to-face events. 

Strategy & Consulting Network

This network supports Warwick students and alumni to achieve their goals within the strategy and/or consultancy sector, both during and following the completion of their degree at Warwick.

Entrepreneurship Network

You might want to start a business, take one to the next level, invest, or simply find partners. Whatever your stage of business development, we have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to share with our members. 

Global Energy Network

This group connects those working in traditional oil and gas (O&G), unconventional fuels, renewable energy, and even those working in smart buildings and autonomous vehicles, since our projected future energy usage will affect how we plan today. 

Women's Professional Network

This network brings together current students, staff and alumni interested in issues affecting women and all other underrepresented groups in business. Our strength lies in the fact that we come from a variety of industries and locations around the world. 

Life Sciences & Healthcare Network

This network enables members to exchange ideas and information on areas including: challenges in pharmaceutical R&D; management of innovation and intellectual property; trends in medical technology and regulation; and sustainable financing of healthcare.

Ex-Military Network

Our aim with this network is to assist students and alumni to make an easier transition from the military world to the business world, and to better understand how to use the unique skills gained during their military service in their current or future career.