The Cloud is coming to a company near you

19 August 2014

As little as 10 years ago the prospect of storing data completely online would seem in the realms of science fiction to most people.

Now however, the Cloud, and the various iterations of online data storage provided by a number of companies are far more common place and utilised by companies, and individuals for that matter, across the globe.

Despite many of us embracing the Cloud, however, few have actually considered its implications according to Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice at Warwick Business School.

Professor Skilton has a number of concerns about the Cloud, warning while data cannot care about what is done with it, or who owns it, we, the public, certainly should.

He also raises the question “what don’t we know about our data that we should?” as well as other pressing issues surrounding the use of the Cloud.

To discover more on why Professor Skilton and others advise us to beware of the Cloud, delve into the article online today. Alternatively, pick up the latest edition of Core, available now.

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