Associate Professor, Dr Dulini Fernando’s research takes a socio-cultural lens using career as a conceptual tool to examine highly skilled employees and has studied workers in developing economies in public and private organisations.

Dr Fernando was recently invited to write a regular column in the Sri Lankan Daily FT and the first article was published on 10 January 2018 entitled ‘highly-skilled women, career progression and respectable femininity’. The article has grabbed the attention of many Sri Lankan organisations, who are looking to work with Dr Fernando to explore their own work practices.  

The article is based on Dr Fernando’s body of research in this field and we point the reader in the direction of the paper below, for further reading on this area of research.

Fernando, W. D. A. and Cohen, L. (2014) "Respectable femininity and career agency : exploring paradoxical imperatives", Gender, Work & Organization, Volume 21, Number 2, 149-164