Five students share their WBS highlights

31 January 2017

  • Undergraduates share their highlights of studying at WBS
  • Ability to shape and personalise your study a big factor for many
  • The opportunity to study on a year abroad was another highlight
  • The students also shed light on what is next for them

There is a lot to life as an undergraduate at Warwick Business School: outside of attending lectures and seminars, students have the opportunity to join a variety of societies, clubs, and even catch a film at the Arts Centre.

Coupled with meeting people from all over the world and the opportunity for studying abroad to further broaden their horizons, there really is a wealth of opportunities and experiences to be had.

It is not just the students who change, however, with various additions and developments at the Business School itself too.

To see how our students have grown and developed alongside WBS, we spoke to a number of final year undergraduates to find out their highlights of studying at WBS, how they have changed and their ambitions and hopes for the future.

Shape your degree

Ash Mir, a BSc Management third year student, believes the best thing about the range of WBS undergraduate courses is the freedom to shape your own degree, going beyond modules in the business school.

“I enjoyed the flexibility on offer, giving students the opportunity to really tailor their learning,” said Ash, a Multicultural Scholarship Programme student.

Tailored learning: BSc Management student Ash Mir likes the courses flexibility

“The most enjoyable aspect of the BSc Management course has been the ability to pick a wide variety of modules to suit my interests, for example, I have taken several Marketing and Law modules this year, and the course at WBS allows for that flexibility which is great!”

Victoire Lépine is looking forward to modules within the school though in her last semester.

The BSc International Management fourth year said: “This semester I am particularly excited about the Styles of Coaching and Leadership modules taught by our Course Director Dr Ashley Roberts.

“He is using creative teaching methods and brings guest speakers into lectures to make the modules an interactive and involving experience for students.”

Year abroad

For Victoire though, the opportunity to spend a year overseas stands out as a fantastic part of the WBS life.

“Go on the year abroad if you have the opportunity to,” Victoire said. “WBS have amazing choices as year abroad destinations ranging from the best business school in Europe (HEC, Saint Gallen), to leading universities in exciting international cities such as Hong Kong, Rio, Tokyo and Seoul.

Overseas: Victoire Lépine found the year abroad option a highlight of the BSc International Management

“Besides enjoying my time in Hong Kong studying and travelling - spending a year away helped me to take the time to understand which career orientation I really wanted to take and you come back in your final year much more mature.”

Chloe Warren, BSc Management, fourth year agrees with Victoire that the ability to shape the course into the path you want is great, but she also points to the value of the Intercalated Year (ICY).

“My ICY was the best decision I ever made, honestly it opened my eyes to the real working world. At Microsoft, I learnt so much about my strengths and improved on those weaknesses! I developed a hugely supportive network that I can call my friends and became very efficient in my methods of working, which prepared me for final year pressure!

“For helping with my future career, my ICY gave me experiences that shaped my decision in what I want to do in my professional career, I know I want to work in the dynamic technology industry and I want to make a difference. I learnt how technology is shaping the future and how it will impact every industry from healthcare to retail. I want to be a part of the development!”

Chloe Warren picture
ICY year: Chloe Warren found the Intercalated Year beneficial for finding her strengths

Chloe, Victoire and Ash have all lined up work, with Ash set to start a job at The Hut Group in Manchester as their Pakistan Country Manager, utilising the teamwork and presentation skills he developed at WBS.

Victoire will be joining the Marketing Team of Danone UK for a one-year internship while Chloe will to doing a graduate job at Amazon within their corporate e-commerce scheme.

Ambitious culture

For student Jasmine Yeo the standout of being at Warwick was the focus on career opportunities.

Ambitious culture: Jasmine Yeo found the ambitious culture really made her career driven

The fourth year International Business student said: "Before starting university I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated, but at Warwick, there is an ambitious culture where people get involved with internships and company interactions from day one.

"This helped me learn about what opportunities were out there and take advantage of various events and workshops on offer."

Big step further

Students have grown and developed throughout their time at WBS, but so too has WBS with many changes to the building over the last few years.

Chloe thinks it is great WBS now has a proper home and really enjoys the fact it is possible to bump into people on the course or academics.

Student Luis Peiro-Camaro Adan, BSc International Business fourth year, found his timetable management has improved considerably with regards to his first year at WBS.

Like Chloe, he found the changes to WBS itself great.

“Similarly in terms of infrastructure and facilities WBS has gone a big step further with the new and improved my.wbs portal and the recent WBS building,” he added.

Top Tips

So having heard their experiences and what is next for them, what are some of the student's tips for present or future WBS students?

Chloe: "My tip for a prospective student looking at Warwick is; listen to your instincts... you'll pick up a vibe of every place you visit. When I visited Warwick it had such a positive energy and I knew I'd love the campus set up.”

Ash: “My tips for current students to do well would be to think about what area(s) of business you would like to specialise in and look to take modules relating to that, as building that theoretical knowledge will help when applying for job roles in that industry.

“Focusing on one or two areas of ‘business’ will be beneficial as you will develop substantial subject knowledge and demonstrate your passion to future employers.”

Top Tip: Luis Peiro-Camaro Adan says organisation is crucial

Luis: “In my opinion organisation is key, keeping notes and seminars up-to-date. Staying on top of what is going on, but on top of everything, the most important thing, in my opinion, is to listen. Listen to everyone, there is always something to learn so remain open minded.”

Victoire: “Make the most of it - There are so many extra-curricular opportunities to get involved with, that can shape your university experience and don't wait your final year to do so.”

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