Can we really trust the food on our table?

20 December 2013

Dr Mark Johnson

WBS Associate Professor of Operations Management Mark Johnson has warned consumers to be wary of where they shop for their Christmas turkey as many retailers are still compromising on the welfare standards of the meat they sell.

Dr Johnson carried out research on the incredible complexity of food supply chains and the resulting lack of transparency of where our food originates.

“As firms outsource to other firms – creating supply chains – they lose control and visibility of what is going on as suppliers outsource to other suppliers in the drive for lowest cost,” said Dr Johnson.

 “I don’t believe consumers are aware where their food comes from and the incredibly long and incredibly complex supply chains involved. In the case of food we often don’t pay the true cost of the product.

Download the full article which is part of the WBS 'Gift of Knowledge' campaign to find out the advice for retailers and consumers of the end-product.


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