• List of the world's leading scientists includes 20 current WBS professors
  • WBS professors cover Behavioural Science, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Research environment at school hailed for producing world-class academics
  • Ranking uses data from 36,377 science journals to find world's top scientists

Almost 50 past and present Warwick Business School professors have been ranked among the world’s top two per cent of scientists.

Researchers from Stanford University, science journal publisher Elsevier and academic research consultants SciTech Strategies analysed citations from the Scopus database, which Elsevier launched in 2004.

Scopus holds data on 36,377 titles from approximately 11,670 publishers, of which 34,346 are peer-reviewed journals in top-level subject fields.

The study amassed citations for the top 100,000 scientists up to the end of 2019, which amounts to the top two per cent of scientists in the world.

Warwick Business School has 48 past and present academics in the list, with 20 still teaching and researching at the institution.

Ram Gopal, Professor of Information Systems Management and Pro-Dean for Research, Engagement & Impact, said: “This is a tremendous achievement by our academics and testament to how Warwick Business School attracts and develops world-class researchers. The research environment we have created here is one that is supportive and collaborative, which encourages academics to build a long-lasting research career.

“We have a programme aimed to help and develop young and aspiring academics at the beginning of their research career, with experienced professors available to mentor them through the process.

“An attitude of openness also pervades WBS where our academics are encouraged to look across disciplinary boundaries to build truly impactful and pioneering research. It is pleasing to see that this ranking of the top scientists in the world is evidence of this work bearing fruit.”

The 20 current academics at WBS named in the world’s top two per cent of scientists are:

  • Juergen Branke, Professor of Operational Research & Systems
  • Nick Chater, Professor of Behavioural Science
  • Graeme Currie, Professor of Public Management
  • Nicolai Foss, WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor
  • James Hayton, Professor of Entrepreneurship
  • Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy
  • Kim Hoque, Professor of Human Resource Management
  • April Klein, WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor
  • Andy Lockett, Dean of WBS and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Kamel Mellahi, Professor of Strategic Management
  • Sue Newell, Professor of Information Systems and Management
  • Davide Nicolini, Professor of Organisation Studies
  • Daniel Read, Professor of Behavioural Science
  • Jeff Reuer, WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor
  • Stephen Roper, Professor of Enterprise Director of the Enterprise Research Centre
  • Jörgen Sandberg, WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor
  • Jacky Swan, Professor of Organisational Behaviour
  • Hari Tsoukas, Professor of Organisation Behaviour
  • Chris Voss, Professor of Operations Management
  • Youngjin Yoo, WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor

Professor Gopal added: “It is great to have so many academics that are producing influential research that is highly cited by fellow scientists.

“Another important aspect of our research at WBS is the impact it has on society, namely the business world and policymakers. We not only want to improve theory and build academic knowledge but have research that is of practical benefit to society.

“There are so many great examples of this, ranging from Professor Roper’s work leading the Enterprise Research Centre that is helping UK SMEs improve their performance and boost the country’s economy to Professor Heracleous’ partnership with NASA on building its strategy for the new space era.

“This is research that is both innovative and impactful, and something that we actively encourage and support at WBS.”