Understanding the economy through behaviour

25 June 2013

The Behavioural Science group at Warwick Business School aims to understand society and economy through the lens of individual and consumer behaviour. 

Professor Nick Chater, Head of Behavioural Science at WBS, believes it is essential for businesses and large organisations to pay more attention to consumer behaviour. "We are using the tools of experimental psychology and applying the results to real world situations. If you are going to be successful in business, or any walk of life for that matter, it's important to have a deeper understanding of human behaviour.

"Our research presents a huge commercial impact for many organisations including energy companies, banks and high street retailers," said Professor Chater.

Professor Chater and his team are also helping to inform government policy. Can Behavioural Science really get people to pay their taxes on time? Watch this new film below to find out more. 

And click here to find out about Warwick Business School's free online course on Behavioural Science. Designed by Professor Nick Chater, 'The Mind is Flat: The Shocking Shallowness of Human Psychology' looks at the 'illusion of mental depth' and the forces shaping human behaviour. It will look at how we think and decide and ask; what are the origins of human rationality and irrationality?


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