Warwick Business School planning to open a London base

17 March 2013


Warwick Business School has announced plans to expand its operation by opening a London base.

The school is looking to have a London base set up in 2014/15. Warwick Business School is one of the largest departments of the University of Warwick and is the UK's fastest rising business school according the Financial Times.

Dean Professor Mark Taylor believes the move is another signal of Warwick Business School’s ambition and determination to be Europe’s leading university-based business school.

“This is a very exciting project,” said Professor Taylor, who worked in the City as a Managing Director for Blackrock before taking over as Dean at WBS in 2010.

“WBS is a leading global business school and it’s only natural that we should have a base in London, one of the world’s leading capitals.”

Warwick Business School currently attracts 6,500 students from 125 different countries and has recently begun work on a £30m state-of-the-art extension of its current facilities at the University of Warwick



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