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02 July 2014

James Kanter

New Masters students at WBS will be given careers support weeks before they even start their course to prepare them for the highly competitive postgraduate job market.

A series of careers webinars kicked off this week covering some of the major topics Masters students need to know before they get to Warwick including advice on different industries, interview tips and student visa information.

James Kanter, an MSc Information Systems Management & Innovation student, believes the support he was given by WBS CareersPlus before and during his studies is what has made the difference to him securing a job for after his studies.

“The pre-arrival webinars provided valuable insight into what to expect from the course and how to make the most of my time at the business school,” said James.  “Before I began the course, I wasn't very sure of my career path but from the very start, the WBS CareersPlus team held information sessions that helped me decide to move into the field of consulting.

“WBS has strong connections with industry leaders. This is reflected by large numbers of guest speakers for modules, societies and careers events. This year, I was able to attend discussions held by individuals who had worked for: JLR, McKinsey, Deloitte, PwC, Heinz, Cap Gemini, Unilever and many more high profile companies.

“I'm currently working for an SME called 4G Scotland, specialising in mobile technology solutions but I have decided to gain some corporate experience working for Accenture as a Management & IT Consultant, and the WBS CareersPlus team’s knowledge of the industry and the recruitment process was extremely valuable in making my application.

“By the final stages of the recruitment process with Accenture I was filled with confidence and was delighted to be offered the position. “

The programme of webinars, which runs over two weeks, will also include a special webinar on July 10 called ‘Student In, Consultant Out’ which will bring together a panel of leading industry experts from some of the largest global companies.

The group of experts, who are also WBS and University of Warwick alumni, will be representing the likes of Deloitte, McKinsey, EMC, Decision Lab and Grant Thornton and will provide insight into their own career paths and take questions from students. 

With recruitment deadlines for banking and consultancy often coming very early on in the year for postgraduate students, WBS CareersPlus are encouraging students to attend as many webinars as possible to gain a broad knowledge of the application processes for different industries.

The programme is as follows:

July 2     Online networking: getting to know people who can help you
July 3     Commercial awareness: what recruiters expect you to know
July 4     CVs and cover letters
July 7     Application forms
July 8     Careers in banking and finance
July 9     Careers in consulting
July 10   ‘Student in, Consultant out’
July 11   Your student visa:  what you need to know

The webinars will be interactive so students will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics with careers advisors. Students will receive an email with information on how to join the sessions.

Please email for more information. 

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