Dr Shweta Singh
Assistant Professor
(ISM-Analytics (ISMA) Group)

Shweta Singh is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Management at the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. She has also been selected and appointed as a Fellow at the Warwick Institute for Global Sustainability Development (IGSD), where she strives to achieve UN's sustainability goals of reducing inequalities, advocating gender equality and promoting inclusive societies via Responsible Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, she is a Behavioral Data Science researcher at The Alan Turing Institute, London, United Kingdom. She received her Ph.D. in Information and Decision Sciences from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, United States. In addition, she holds a Masters in Computer Science and a Masters in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA.

Her primary research interest lies in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Sustainability, Societal Injustice, Ethical and Responsible AI and exploring value creation through Information Technology. Her AI research involves designing next generation AI, which includes mitigating AI bias, designing Explainable AI (XAI), responsible AI and fighting Societal Injustice through AI. Further, she uses IT outsourcing, sharing economy platforms and digital platforms as contexts to understand business value of IT. Her research has appeared in Information Systems Research, International Conference on Information Systems, Statistical Challenges in E-Commerce Research and Workshop on Information Systems and Economics.

Her research has won the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship and the McNamara fellowship from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. A Responsible AI Project led by her to Protect Children Online has been Shortlisted for the Prestigious Social Impact Project of the year 2023 across entire UK. She has also been selected as the finalist for the 2023 Asian Women of Achievement in Science, 2019 British Indian Awards, Science and Technology Professional of the Year, Nominated for 2022 Warwick Awards for Personal Tutoring Excellence & 2023 Warwick Wonders Award, Shortlisted as the Top 10 individuals in the entire UK for Education & Academia, Rising Star Awards, 2022 and also Shortlisted as one of the Top 5 Women in Tech for Good Award, 2022.

For her Outstanding Service to Information Systems Society (ISS), she has won the 2023 INFORMS-ISS Cluster Best Session Chair Award.

She has been invited to contribute to the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) brief on Artificial Intelligence. https://post.parliament.uk/research-briefings/post-pb-0057/
She is also on the Advisory Board of an Artificial Intelligence based online retail company 'Love the Sales', London, United Kingdom and an external collaborator member of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Henderson Institute.

Media Coverage

In relation to her research work on Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Data Science, she is a member of evidence team for, 'Physiological Society's report on AI and health: From Black Box to Trusted Healthcare-Physiology and AI', launched in the UK House of Lords on Tuesday 27th June, 2023

Further, her views have been published in the Guardian, BBC CWR, WBS Core Insights, Raconteur magazine, BusinessBecause, The Conversation, DiversityQ, Information Age Magazine, E&T Magazine, WBS Core 11 Magazine 2023, Times Higher Education, Computerworld, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) among others.

1. Global AI Safety Summit shows need for collaborative approach to risks. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3710048/global-ai-safety-summit-shows-need-for-collaborative-approach-to-risks.html

2. What exactly will the UK government's global AI Safety Summit achieve? https://www.computerworld.com/article/3709749/what-exactly-will-the-uk-governments-global-ai-safety-summit-achieve.html
Press Release here: Shweta Singh on Rishi Sunak's AI Summit https://warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/expertcomment/shweta_singh_on

3. Canadian Broadcasting Corp.(CBC) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sextortion-social-media-apps-victims-1.7014262

4. Guardian: AI-enhanced images a 'threat to democratic process', experts warn https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/aug/03/ai-enhanced-images-a-threat-to-democratic-processes-experts-warn

5. Times Higher Education: Biased AI poses a threat to academic freedom that must be confronted: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/campus/biased-ai-poses-threat-academic-freedom-must-be-confronted
Also on Warwick Innovation District : https://warwickinnovationdistrict.com/2023/10/20/biased-ai-poses-a-threat-to-academic-freedom-that-must-be-confronted/

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8. Warwick University Press Release Responsible Artificial Intelligence 6th February, 2023

This also got featured in multiple media outlets including WBS School website, India Education Diary, FNTalk, The Toys Matrix, NewsArounds,The Scottish Sun Online, Techxplore, News Azi, Genxnewz, Nerds Wire among many others.

9. AI police could identify predators and abusers online AI 'police' could identify predators and abusers online | The Sun UK (https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/21346703/ai-police-could-identify-predators-and-abusers-online/)
Also reported in Mirage News Australia. AI can Safeguard Kids on Social Media,
Warwick Finds | Mirage News

10. WBS work to protect children online shortlisted for prestigious award WBS shortlisted for prestigious award for work to protect children online. https://www.wbs.ac.uk/news/wbs-shortlisted-for-prestigious-award-for-work-to-protect-children-online/

11. The Women in IT Awards UK 2023 shortlist revealed ( DiversityQ Magazine) https://diversityq.com/the-women-in-it-awards-uk-2023-shortlist-revealed/

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19. How are older people on TikTok dispelling myths about ageing? https://www.wbs.ac.uk/news/how-are-older-people-on-tiktok-dispelling-myths-about-ageing/

In relation to her research work on digital platforms, social media platforms and sharing economy platforms, her views have been published in E&T magazine, ComputerWorldUK, Verdict, BusinessDay, WBS Core Insights. European Business Review and The Conversation.

1. TikTok's greatest strength could also be its undoing: https://theconversation.com/tiktoks-secret-algorithm-is-its-greatest-strength-and-could-also-be-its-undoing-176605

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5. Yes, the Lyft IPO price is high - but the reason has little to do with the ride-hailing company : https://www.verdict.co.uk/lyft-ipo-price/

6. Lyft $24bn IPO valuation 'seems high' analyst say: https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/companies/2019-03-29-lyfts-24bn-ipo-valuation-seems-high-analyst-says/

Industry/Government partnerships and externally funded projects

1. National Science Foundation (NSF)-Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), Industry partner: eBay Inc. (https://www.ebay.com/)

2. Love the Sales (https://www.lovethesales.com/)

3. Stability AI (https://stability.ai/)

4. London Mutual Credit Union ( https://creditunion.co.uk/)

5. West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre ( https://www.wmcrc.co.uk/)

6. Scottish AI Alliance (https://www.scottishai.com/)

7. Google ( https://www.google.com/)

Grants Received

1. EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Grants:(2022/24) £97,131

2. International Partnership Fund (2022/25) £10,000

3. Institutional Research and Impact Support Funds (2020/21) £5000

4. Warwick Business School Impact Fund (2023) £10,000