Strategy & Consulting Network

This network supports Warwick students and alumni to achieve their goals within the strategy and/or consultancy sector, both during and following the completion of their degree at Warwick.

Along with LinkedIn discussions and support from WBS CareersPlus, we also hold webinars covering a broad range of issues and we regularly welcome back alumni working in the sectors to share their insights with regards to recruitment trends, industry expectations, and career development.

Latest research news

Strategy and Organisational Change
How does a firm keep its strategy on track?

Once a company designs its strategy to achieve its mission how does it make sure it is on course and actually implementing the strategy? Loizos Heracelous, Professor of Strategy, explains.

Strategy and Organisational Change
Will Unilever CEO Alan Jope be forced out?

Unilever are under attack from activist investors as their returns continue to disappoint and their share price slides. John Colley analyses what is going on at the British multinational.

Strategy and Organisational Change
Do scandals really affect a company's reputation?

High-profile companies are often caught up in scandals and spend huge amounts of money on PR to protect their reputation. Irina Surdu's research looks at how badly a reputation is damaged by negative headlines.

Strategy and Organisational Change
How to devise the next management craze

Management fads and concepts come and go, but why do some gain more traction than others. Jeker Denrell, Professor of Behavioural, unearths some important lessons.

Strategy and Organisational Change
Why it can pay to invest in underdogs

Jerker Denrell explores the impact of luck and overemphasis on previous success in this article, originally published in Harvard Business Review.