Strategy & Consulting Network

The Warwick Strategy and Consulting Network supports alumni and students in achieving their goals within the strategy and/or consultancy sector.

Our objectives are to:

  • Help Warwick’s global network of consultants remain engaged with the University and each other
  • Support alumni and students in making and sustaining professional relationships through networking opportunities
  • Foster the exchange of knowledge across the Warwick community to develop skills and career opportunities.


Latest research news

Strategy and Organisational Change
How to use PowerPoint to develop strategy

The much maligned PowerPoint is in fact a vital part of developing a strategy, Sotrios Paroutis explains how strategists can get the best out of it with his Visual Strategy Framework.

Strategy and Organisational Change
What tools do firms need for open strategy?

After open innovation we now have open strategy. Christina Wawarta and Sotirios Paroutis went behind the scenes at one US multinational to discover the tools needed for a successful open strategy.