How the MBA is helping me legitimise my position in top management

12 October 2022

Distance Learning MBA participant, May Khondoker, shares how the MBA programme has provided her with the tools to face imposter syndrome. 

When I first applied for my MBA, I was at a point in my career where the company I am in was diversifying into multiple markets and industries, and as a senior leader and shareholder of the firm, I was expected to transition into corporate top management with the right knowledge and skills needed to guide the new corporate strategy. The transition was daunting as I am the youngest of our top management and the only female in a leadership position in the firm.

The Distance Learning MBA (DLMBA) at Warwick Business School (WBS) provided me with the perfect platform to fill knowledge gaps concurrently while making this transition. I was able to instantly apply concepts from Operations Management, Leadership, Innovation, and Economics in my day-to-day decision-making. I was also able to share new frameworks, business concepts and innovations with my team and other senior leaders to help drive a new robust corporate strategy that was more responsive to the economic and market conditions the firm was facing post-pandemic. Additionally, I’ve been able to play an advisory role to the corporate Chairman and share the knowledge I gained from the MBA to help him better understand how the diversification of our firm is impacting internal and external stakeholder dynamics.

The MBA modules at WBS are designed to look at aspects of the business from a top management perspective, which is exactly what I needed. The breadth of knowledge gave me the confidence to sit at a table with highly experienced senior professionals and share valuable input. Meeting and working with other MBA students in my cohort who are in senior positions in diverse industries and markets is an immense resource. I learned about their businesses, their work style, and how they apply the module content in their professions. Additionally, the faculty of WBS is fantastic as they have an open-door policy and are extremely friendly, where you can reach out and openly discuss ideas and issues we are facing in our careers. Their expert advice is priceless as they take the time to provide personalised guidance, and this has been the greatest added value of the MBA at WBS.

We all fight imposter syndrome at some point in our careers. During a crucial point in my career when I faced imposter syndrome and had to make the decision to fight or flight, I decided to fight and legitimise my position in top management and the MBA at WBS gave me the resources to do so.

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