Utilising my.wbs - WBS's unique digital platform for flexible learning

11 July 2022

As an innovator and digital leader, Warwick Business School utilises technological software to make learning on the Global Online MBA * more efficient. The online platform my.wbs removes geographical barriers, by enabling you to discuss issues in real time with your peers and academics. Our Global Online MBA participants discuss how the unique online learning system provided a convenient method for them to keep on top of their studies.

Balancing work, life and study

“You will need to balance work, life and study, and sometimes you will have to make sacrifices. But it is manageable if you organise your time. Remember, with the Distance Learning MBA programme, you can download audio lessons for your commute and log into the course from anywhere using the Warwick Business School (WBS) online learning platform, my.wbs. You will be surprised at how many ‘dead hours’ in your day can be used for learning.” - David Carter, Global Online MBA (London)

Studying on your terms 

“The course is challenging in terms of the time that is required to complete all of the reading, activities, lectures, group work and assignments, particularly when you are also working full-time. Each of us have our strengths and weaknesses, and therefore some modules will be more comfortable than others, and this does then give you the capacity to flex the time needed for each module to suit your individual requirements. Having the online learning platform, my.wbs, is particularly beneficial so that you can do things in your own time and revisit areas that need extra time (especially once you have learnt how to navigate all of the content that is on there!).” - Anna Chainey, Global Online MBA

Learning at your own pace

“While it will challenge you to be more hands-on with time/schedule management, the Warwick Distance Learning MBA provides a flexible learning programme which allows you to balance work and study. The WBS virtual learning environment (my.wbs) allows you to interact and learn with great minds worldwide and allows you to learn at your own pace. Furthermore, lectures and materials are done to a high standard and you can catch up on recordings, which is always very useful for those with tight work schedules.” - Tomi Okelola, Global Online MBA (London)

Studying around your life  

“Being a mum of three small kids and working full-time, my schedule is permanently tight, that is why distance learning was the only possible option for me. WBS provides great flexibility in its Distance Learning MBA: you can attend live online classes or listen to recorded lectures, complete an MBA degree within two years or extend this period at your convenience, learn online or take face-to-face modules, take two electives per quarter, or just one etc. The online platform, my.wbs.ac.uk, is practical and convenient to control the education process and progress.” - Olga Bezlyudova, Global Online MBA

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*Our Distance Learning MBA has a new name - the Global Online MBA.