My advice for the MBA application process

18 August 2022

Distance Learning MBA participant Ricardo Topham shares his advice on how to apply for an MBA at Warwick Business School. 

My suggested starting point for those wanting to apply for an MBA at Warwick Business School is to book a one-to-one chat with one of the business development managers. This is a very useful step as you will have the opportunity to send across your CV in advance. The business development managers are then able to review your CV prior to the appointment and can provide advice so you can improve it before submitting your application. During the one-to-one chat you will also have the possibility to clarify any doubts you may have relating to topics like, scholarships, fit within the program, timing, etc. Personally, I found the 45-minute conversation I had with Magda Brown extremely useful as she clarified all my questions, and motivated and encouraged me to apply to the Distance Learning MBA. The rest is history.

Attending one of the sessions that Warwick Business School regularly organises where current MBA students talk about their experiences was also very insightful. Hearing from them provides a flavour of what to expect during the degree, the challenges they are facing, the pace, and many other interesting things. I attended one of these sessions and I can now relate to many of their experiences.

Another important tip is to allow plenty of time for the application process; although not overly complicated, it can easily take a couple months to gather all required documents, certificates, and prepare the essays. This is something you want to take seriously to maximise your chances, more so if you are a self-funded student and are applying for a scholarship, as this requires an extra essay.

I would strongly recommend that your application essays are reviewed by another person or two, to make sure you are not missing details or experiences that could make the difference between a good application and an excellent one. I asked my wife to review mine, and she provided a different perspective to some aspects of my background and experiences that certainly added value to my essays.

As part of the application process for the Distance Learning MBA, you need to answer some questions that you must video record yourself. This was probably the most challenging part as you are on your own, talking to a camera. It may sound obvious, though not getting nervous and sounding confident is key. I would say that what is most important is to be consistent with your personal story, and take this as an opportunity to provide additional dimensions and layers of information to your CV and essays. Do not underestimate this part as it is a fantastic occasion to sell yourself and make an impact to the selection committee.

Finally, if you have doubts about whether to pursue an MBA or not, or its timing, I cannot recommend enough to apply as soon as possible. If today I could provide advice to my younger self, I would clearly tell him to pursue an MBA some years earlier. Life is full of twists and turns, and as time goes by, we have more commitments and responsibilities, be it work, family or something else. Pursuing an MBA is a serious undertaking that will surely stretch yourself, and you want to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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