A day in the life of a BSc Accounting & Finance student

16 January 2023

BSc Accounting & Finance student Anushree shares her typical day from start to finish.

Managing your studies and extra-curricular activities at university varies from one student to another. Every student at the University of Warwick studying similar modules has a designated timetable but the way one manages their self-studies, societal responsibilities and events varies from person to person.

In this blog, I would like to give you a glimpse of a day in my life as a BSc Accounting & Finance student at Warwick Business School. I begin my typical day by getting ready for university and attending my timetabled lectures and seminars. In addition to this, I may attend an event, meet my friends on campus, work on prospective job applications, and study for my modules. Once I return home to my accommodation I usually spend some time working on any upcoming assignments or exams, preparing for any job interviews, and spend some time relaxing. 

My lectures and seminar are spread throughout the week giving me the flexibility to study for different modules and fully prepare myself for the module seminars. The questions in the seminar are based on the material taught in the previous week, therefore, I design my week in a way that allows me to make notes from the lecture and additional readings (if suggested) and prepare answers to the seminar questions. This prepares me for the seminar and gives me the opportunity to ask questions to clarify anything I am unsure about and improve my understanding of the module content. During the lecture, if I’m unable to take notes on a particular topic I make sure I go through the lecture recording before my seminar so I can keep up to date.

Apart from attending lectures and seminars, I’m also involved in society events that are organised throughout the academic term. As part of my typical day, I register myself for events that interest me and participate in networking events to grow my peer group. These types of events also help me to understand more about the UK job market and the skills required to excel in your desired role. These types of events are usually one or two hours long and they easily fit around my timetable. In addition to this, these types of events usually happen on campus so I can attend my lectures in the morning, attend an event in the afternoon and attend another lecture or seminar after the event has taken place.

Moreover, with so many food options to choose from on-campus, I often grab some breakfast at the WBS or library café before my morning lectures or seminars begin. For my lunch, I usually bring my lunch with me as there is a small kitchen facility in the undergraduate study space which I’m able to utilise. Taking a break for lunch helps me to have a short break from my academic studies, and allows me to refresh myself before my afternoon lectures or seminars begin.

Another key part of my day often involves preparing and tailoring my CV and cover letters for internships and graduate roles. I design my day in such a way that gives me the chance to spend at least two to three hours working on my CV, job applications, practice interview questions, and psychometric tests to present myself confidently for any upcoming interviews or assessment centres. I also regularly schedule appointments with the WBS CareersPlus team who are able to provide me with lots of guidance and support in relation to the different stages of the job application process.

Some days you may find that you are busy attending your lectures and seminars as well as preparing for your job applications while on the other hand there may be days where you are a little more relaxed attending just one or two lectures or seminars and an event on campus. My best advice would be to design yourself a weekly timetable to keep yourself on track with your studies, job application, assignments, and exam deadlines, and make the most of your social life.

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