How to find the right society for you?

20 February 2023

Student-run societies give you the chance to try new things, explore new opportunities and socialise with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. At the University of Warwick, you have more than 300 societies to identify where your interests lie. Be it sports, academics, culture, or volunteering, there is something for every student. In this blog, I would like to share how societies play an integral part in shaping student life and how you can find the right society for you.

Being part of different societies empowers you to learn new skills, shape your personality and make the most of university life outside academic education. You have the opportunity to take on leadership roles to head a society, organise events or become an active member of one. At Warwick, you can be part of as many societies as you want. By paying an annual federation fee to the Student Union, you can become a member of as many different societies as you like. While there are additional fees for some societies, there are a lot of other societies where membership is free upon payment of the federation fee.

Your first introduction to different societies is through the societies fair organised by the Student Union during Welcome Week which happens during the first week of the academic year. It provides an opportunity for you to get an insight into the running of different societies, the various events organised by them, and how you could be part of that society. Additionally, every society organises meet and greet or ice-breaker events during Welcome Week to help students decide whether or not they would enjoy being part of the society. The taster sessions offered by some cultural and sports societies give you the chance to try something new and fun. Additionally, you can understand more about these societies from their social media pages.

Furthermore, to identify which society would interest you, think about why you want to join that particular society. If you wish to network with industry professionals and explore diverse career opportunities, academic societies allow you to develop deeper insight into different industries and give you the resources to tailor your CV, job applications and equip you with transferable skills. If there is a sport you are passionate about or if you would like to represent Warwick in competitions, sports societies are sure to become a vital part of your student life, keeping you fit and active during the term time. Or, if cultural events excite you, being part of cultural societies is what might interest you.

In addition to this, keeping yourself updated with the events organised by different societies during Welcome Week, will give you an insight into what they have planned for the academic year and the various events they have organised in the past. It is also an opportunity to make new friends and have one on one chats with the executive members.

Interacting with members of different societies and asking how being part of the society has benefited them can help you decide the society you wish to join. Signing up for their newsletter and mailing list gives you the chance to know more about what society does and may encourage you to join them. Their flagship events are also a chance for you to see what differentiates one society from another.

With so much happening every day on campus, societies allow you to choose what events you wish to attend, be an active member of one or more societies, and decide how it would add value to your university life. The societies you can be part of at the University of Warwick instill you with confidence and provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

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