Sneha's six favourite things about the University of Warwick campus

07 November 2022

Undergraduate ambassador Sneha shares her six favourite things about the University of Warwick campus.

The University of Warwick has a very welcoming and pleasant surroundings with lots of open space, greenery, and amazing views. It definitely gives out a community feeling which feels quite like home. Having been at Warwick for 2 years, I have listed my favourite spots on campus where I can work, unwind, and explore the university.

WBS building

My number one favourite place on campus is the WBS building. It is located on the outskirts of the campus in a beautiful location next to the lake. It is especially stunning during spring when all the flowers are blooming in front of the building. Inside the building, the WBS core values are quoted on the walls which makes it quite an inspiring environment. The undergraduate learning space is one of my favourite places to study because it is a quiet yet social place to work from.


As a first year, the Piazza was where I spent some of my free time.  When the food market is on, the Piazza is always bustling and is a perfect place to sit down in the summer, eat and socialise with friends. It definitely is the heart of the Warwick Campus because it is full of life and there are always lots of events going on. The Piazza is also surrounded by a diverse range of cafes and other restaurants. From grabbing a quick coffee at Pret to getting lunch with a friend at The Dirty Duck, I like to unwind, relax, and socialise at any one of the cafes.

Oculus building

The architecture of the Oculus building is one of my favourites on campus. It is modern, elegant, and surrounded by a chilled space which makes it a mellow environment. I like to spend some of my time studying at the Oculus building due to its vibrancy. The Oculus café is also a perfect spot to take a quick break for a sweet snack before beginning your lecture or seminar. The seminar rooms also display a positive environment to learn in especially because of the open space and the green views of the campus.

Sports and Wellness Hub

The Sports and Wellness Hub at Warwick is absolutely incredible, especially with the vast amount of active opportunities available. There is always something for everyone. I used to play badminton which is where I connected with new people. Right next to the sports centre are the tennis courts which include netball and basketball. The sports centre is located in a very green open space which makes it peaceful to relax and destress.

Mathematical Institute

The Mathematical Institute is one of the most picturesque parts of the campus. It is scenic and absolutely beautiful during Autumn and Spring. The lake in between the institute creates a fantastic environment to relax and walk around. It is also surrounded by modern buildings which make the entire place look elegant.

Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve

 The green spaces surrounding the Warwick campus are endless and one of my favourite spots to unwind and step away from studying is walking through Tocil Wood which is located behind the Bluebell accommodation. It is absolutely picturesque during autumn and spring. The nature walk is a quiet space that allows me to accumulate my thoughts, destress and unwind from busy campus life.

There is a vast amount of places to explore on campus which gives it a cosmopolitan vibe. There is always something for everyone and this makes the Warwick experience unique.

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