Why I decided to study the Finance pathway as part of my course?

Would you like to learn more about the recognised pathways which you can study as part of your undergraduate course? BSc International Management with Finance student, Sanskruti shares why she chose the finance pathway as part of her course.

Hello everyone, my name is Sanskruti Jain and I am from India. I am a final year student at Warwick Business School, studying BSc International Management with Finance.

I believe that finance can open the door to thousands of exciting opportunities. Every decision that we make surrounds finance. This is what attracted me into pursuing a career pathway in this area so that I could delve deeper and understand what different roles it can play in the finance world.

The BSc International Management course at WBS is designed in such a way, that you can see how finance is used in accounting versus the way it is used for trading or for understanding the consumption nature of an economy. The course modules bring you face to face with the world of finance from your first year and beyond allowing you to gain a clear insight into the global financial world which is what attracted me to apply for the course.

The way this course is structured is incredible. Your first year gives you a glimpse of finance in a more foundational way wherein you can find out which field of finance interests you the most. Following that, in the second year, you can choose your own modules and even mix it up a little by choosing law or design thinking. Being able to have a choice on what you study opens you up to other subjects, helps you combine finance into that, and enhances your learning curve by sharpening your mathematical and technical skills. After that, in the third year, you can choose to do either a work placement, study abroad, or a combination of the both in a country of your choice.

I chose to study in Switzerland (the hub of finance) and Italy. Studying in these two countries brought me closer to audit and the world of Fintech. It also helped me understand how different economies manage finance internally and externally by having a more hands-on experience. This experience also helped me land a summer internship at Lloyds Banking Group where I dealt with the retail side of the commercial financial banking structure in the UK. I had a great time working there and decided I wanted to pursue something either in banking or auditing for my future career.

For my fourth year, I chose to study more modules that were related to audit foundations so that for my graduate role at KPMG it would be easier for me to accommodate to that environment and grasp the role at a faster pace, due to this I chose modules like Financial Statement Analysis. I also chose International Financial Management, based on my personal interests in this field of finance.

Overall, I believe the finance pathway has helped me to understand what field of finance I am interested in pursuing in my future career. Also, due to the modules being more practical and asking you to be a part of the active financial world it actually tests you and provides you with the learning agility required today in the fast pace world.

Finally, throughout university life, you will be a part of various group projects which is essential as people start challenging you and you understand you need to go beyond what is required to excel at something, especially finance. Thus, for those of you who resonate with having such an experience at university, I suggest that WBS is the right place for you!

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