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The WBS global community is a network of more than 53,000 graduates and students in over 164 countries.

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You will be part of a dynamic, highly esteemed and international research community, collaborating with leading scholars and fellow business leaders.

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The WBS LinkedIn profile features all of our latest news and research developments, giving you an insight into the latest cutting-edge research activity going on here at WBS. As an applicant to our DBA programme, you will also have access to the WBS LinkedIn group of over 20,000 WBS alumni from across the globe, with experience in all areas of business.

Professional and geographical networks

Once you are studying with us you can join one of our professional networks which bring together students, graduates and our faculty to explore industry practice and the latest research in specific industry areas.

You can also join a group closer to home which will get you involved with students and graduates at social and educational events, in person and online, all over the world.

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When you go through this process of taking yourself outside of your normal space, you get many different blind spots checked.
Luciano C. Oviedo Researcher/Founder,
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Most of my class mates are c-level senior executives. Coming to the workshops is just like a boardroom experience and this is priceless.
Surlina Yin Senior Principal Product Manager,
Fusion Talent Management

Student Blogs

Meet the Doctor: Remi Abere

Meet Remi Abere from our DBA class of 2016 - 2020. Remi Abere has a diverse range of experience spanning across IT, Finance, Corporate Communications, Business Development and Marketing. She has spent the last 10 years working with IBM, leading strategic and operational projects across Africa including building out the company's CSR agenda and community investment portfolio.

Meet the Doctor: Simon Brayshaw

A member of our first ever Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) cohort in 2016, Simon has spent more than 30 years leading a range of businesses from plc to private. He has held numerous positions as a CFO, COO and CEO in the UK, Europe and China. In his more recent roles, the development and execution of corporate strategy for private companies has been at the forefront of his responsibilities.