Service Operations Management


The WBS Faculty has strength and depth across the key areas of challenge for executives and organisations.

The Operations group at WBS is the largest group of Operations Management faculty in the UK. The focus is on the design, planning, control and improvement of operations in both manufacturing and service, private and public sectors.  

  • Dr Rhian Silvestro

    Associate Professor of Operations Management

    Dr Rhian Silvestro is Associate Professor of Operations Management. Rhian has conducted service management research in a number of large, leading edge organisations including retail companies, banks, transport companies and call centres. 

  • Professor Mark Johnson

    Professor of Operations Management 

    Mark is Head of Group for Operations at WBS. His current research broadly examines control and coordination in operations and supply chains.

  • Dr Nicola Burgess

    Reader of Operations Management 

    Dr Nicola Burgess is a Reader of Operations Management. Her research activity is focused on healthcare, conducting a number of projects in the NHS in the areas of service improvement, Lean, RCA, patient safety, patient involvement, organisational learning, knowledge brokerage and leadership. 

  • Dr Giovanni Radaelli

    Associate Professor of Operations Management

    Dr Giovanni Radaelli is Associate Professor of Operations Management. His current research interests relate to the development of new services in professional environments, such as NHS and academia.