Executive MBA (London)

Weekend or evening study options available. 

How to apply

We offer a web-based application form to make our process as easy and convenient for you to use as possible. You can return to work on your application over several sessions and your information is transmitted through a secured server and is kept confidential until you click on the "Submit" button. Only after you submit your completed application will it be available for review by our admissions team.  

In addition to completing the application form you will also be required to submit supporting documentation. Details of these and other requirements are included in your application registration email so please read this carefully.

We advise our international candidates to apply as early as possible to ensure sufficient time to process visa applications, for our September 2024 intake the final deadline for international applicants will be Sunday 2 June 2024.

Application deadlines

Intake First deadline International Deadline Final deadline

September 2024

Sunday 21 April 2024 Sunday 2 June 2024 Sunday 4 August 2024

What to consider when completing your application

While our MBA programmes are diverse in the candidates they attract, we are looking for individuals who embody our Change Maker values and have a passionate drive to make a positive difference. The Change Maker mindset is a way of approaching the world that sets our people apart. Change Makers see the bigger picture, challenge the norm, and have the drive as well as the vision to succeed.

By considering the following core competencies and evidencing them in your application you will be able to demonstrate how your experience, both personal and professional, has made a positive impact:

  • Strategic Thinking: Thinks broadly and strategically, demonstrating sound commercial acumen
  • Creativity: Open to new ideas, experiences and learning opportunities. You will show clear analytical thinking, getting to the heart of complex problems and identifying innovative and creative solutions
  • Drive for Results: Strong focus on delivering a high quality service or product. Seeks opportunities for self-development and career advancement. Manages pressure effectively and copes well with setbacks
  • Personal Impact: Communicates and networks effectively and successfully persuades and influences others. Relates to others in a confident and relaxed manner
  • Leading Others: Initiates action, gives direction and takes responsibility. Supports others and shows respect and positive regard and puts people first.

Our application process

1 CV review

Before you begin your application, if you want to understand whether you will meet our entry requirements, then you can submit your CV for a pre-check. We will provide feedback within 48 hours.

Submit my CV for review

2 Apply

Our year-round application process means that as soon as you complete your application it will be processed and considered, so there is no reason to delay.

Start my application

3 Apply for a scholarship

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship you need to write a separate essay (up to 300 words) with your application outlining why you believe you should be awarded a scholarship. You don’t need to specify which scholarship you wish to apply for as the scholarship committee will consider which specific scholarship would be most suitable following your interview.

4 References

You can choose to submit a professional reference to support your application, particularly if you wish to be considered for a WBS scholarship, but this is not a requirement. Referees should be able to comment on your academic or business acumen.

5 Interviews

Your application will be reviewed by the selection committee, at which point you may be invited for interview. Interviews are conducted either face-to-face or by Microsoft Teams. The duration of your interview will be approximately 60 minutes. Your interview will be conducted by a member of the Recruitment team, CareersPlus team or one of our academics. 

6 Receive your offer letter

If you are made an offer, you will receive a formal letter with the full details of your programme, plus any relevant scholarship award confirmation if your application for funding has been successful. 

7 Reply to your offer

If you have received an offer - congratulations! You must respond by the deadline stipulated in the Offer Letter to accept your place on the programme.