Full-time MBA

UK fees

  • 2024/25 £53,750

EU/international fees

  • 2024/25 £53,750

What’s included

  • Registration 
  • Tuition 
  • Examination 
  • Graduation 
  • Some study materials
  • Travel and accommodation on overseas elective module. 

What’s not included

  • Residential accommodation 
  • Meals 
  • Travel required for consultancy project
  • Graduation robes and photographs 
  • PIM exchange - including travel, accommodation, subsistence and registration fee.

Fees and Funding

When and how to pay

To secure your place on the course you must lodge a £2,500 deposit with us within four weeks of receiving your offer. The deposit is part of the total fee, not an additional cost. Read more about how to pay at the University's finance pages. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the University of Warwick refund policy which can be viewed here.

You can pay your tuition fee in a lump sum at the start of the academic year or can opt to pay in instalments with the following payment schedule: 

  • 50% of tuition fees due on the first day of your academic year 
  • 25% of tuition fees due on first day of month 4 of your academic year 
  • 25% of tuition fees due on first day of month 7 of your academic year.

Employer-funded candidates must pay in full at the start of each year.

Available scholarships

Our scholarship offering has been designed to promote excellence as well as support diversity and inclusion. This helps to create a rich learning environment within each of our cohorts to ensure your learning experience at WBS is maximised.

Scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, so applying early may give you a stronger chance of being successful. For Full-time MBA applicants, scholarships of between 10% and 50% are available for exceptional candidates.

A range of scholarships are available for candidates who are self-funded candidates or partially employer funded

Scholarships are awarded in the following areas:

Scholarships we offer
Change Maker - Personal impact in your sector
Change Maker - Personal impact in your sector

This scholarship has been created to recognise individuals who seek to challenge the norm in their sector through their impactful drive and vision to make a positive difference.

Change Maker - Personal impact in your society
Change Maker - Personal impact in your society

This scholarship is for individuals who strive to use business as a power for good.

Championing Diversity - Black in Business
Championing Diversity - Black in Business

We are proud to welcome a diverse cohort of students and are continually working towards addressing under-representation. As part of this, we are committed to creating an environment that promotes the representation, wellbeing and development of Black professionals in business. This scholarship is open to candidates from Black or mixed Black backgrounds.

Inspiring Females
Inspiring Females

We’re committed to working towards a more gender-balanced future for the most senior positions in the boardroom. This scholarship is open to females who demonstrate business excellence and are inspiring role models to others.

Championing Diversity - LGBTQUA+
Championing Diversity - LGBTQUA+

We strive to create an open and welcoming environment; a place where individuals can express themselves freely. This scholarship is open to talented individuals who are committed to being a Change Maker for the LGBTQUA+ community, with a mission to increase visibility and representation.

Championing Diversity - Geographical*
Championing Diversity - Geographical*

At WBS we welcome a large international community of Change Makers from all over the world, with participants coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. To further encourage this diversity, this scholarship is available for candidates from Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

*Including country of domicile and nationality

Championing the Community - Locally resident
Championing the Community - Locally resident

As part of our commitment to the local community and promoting access to University of Warwick, we offer a scholarship exclusively to those who live in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Applying for a scholarship

If you’re self-funding or partially employer funded, and are interested in applying for a scholarship, you need to submit a written statement (up to 500 words) with your application referencing which scholarship you are applying for and outlining why you believe you should be awarded the scholarship, taking the category criteria and elements listed below into consideration. 

  • Evidence of individual impact
  • Alignment with WBS’ core values – Curiosity, Openness, Restlessness and Excellence
  • A desire to make a positive difference in the world of business and beyond
  • The potential to become a future Change Maker
  • The ability to fulfil future ambassadorial duties for the School. Successful applicants are expected to work closely with the marketing and recruitment teams in order to attract future candidates onto the programme.

Please apply for the scholarship category you feel that you most closely align with; you will be considered for this scholarship category, alongside any others the Scholarship Committee deems appropriate, based on your scholarship submission and your application as a whole. We do not allow resubmission for consideration under another category. 

For details of other available scholarships, see the University's scholarship pages.

Alumni Loyalty Discount

Available for Warwick alumni who possess a thirst for new knowledge, new experiences, and strive to better themselves and the world around them. A loyalty discount of 25% will be awarded for such individuals. If you wish to apply for a scholarship in addition to the loyalty discount, please complete the scholarship essay as part of your application, aligned to one of the categories outlined above. Any further scholarship awarded by WBS on our MBA programmes would be inclusive of this 25% discount. The total award, if successful in your application, will be up to 50%.

Please note that all alumni from the University of Warwick who are accepted onto a postgraduate Masters course receive a minimum 10% scholarship from the Warwick Alumni Discount Scheme and any alumni scholarships awarded by WBS are inclusive of this award.


A number of bursaries are available to candidates experiencing economic hardship for reasons beyond their control. For example, severe economic downturn in an economy, domiciled in countries in conflict or holding refugee status. Bursaries will be discretionary and awarded to high potential candidates that can add value to our diverse cohorts. Bursaries, alongside scholarships, will be awarded up to a maximum value of 50%.


Financing your MBA

Choosing to complete an MBA either full or part-time requires significant investment both in terms of cost and time. To support this investment, various funding sources are available. The sources set out below are those which have been brought to the attention of the University as being specifically designed for/aimed at MBA students. They are not exhaustive - other funding sources and products may be available. The University does not specifically recommend or endorse these sources/products and the content set out below has been provided by the relevant funding provider and is not independently verified by the University. Students should consider sources and types of funding carefully and ensure that it meets their precise needs - not all funding is appropriate for all students. 

Lendwise loan for postgraduate education
Lendwise loan for postgraduate education

Lendwise is a UK-based specialist loan provider dedicated to education finance for students who are looking to fund their studies at world class universities and business schools. 

Postgraduate Loan for a Master's Degree
Postgraduate Loan for a Master's Degree

You can apply for a Postgraduate Master's Loan as a contribution towards your course and living costs.

Prodigy Finance Loan
Prodigy Finance Loan

Prodigy Finance offers alumni-funded loans to international students at the world’s top business schools, including Warwick Business School.