Thinkers50 have partnered with the Brightline Initiative in a new venture called the Agenda Project, featuring ideas and viewpoints from management thinkers that have a bearing on the discussions that take place in Switzerland.

Dr Pinar Ozcan, Associate Professor of Strategic Management, was recently interviewed for two q&a sessions, based on her research on the sharing economies and open banking standards.

Read the Thinkers50 stories’ here:

The sharing economy: The sideshow or the main event?

Is open banking bad news for banks?

Read Dr Ozcan’s latest research paper, published online this month:

Uzunca, B., Rigtering, J. P., and Ozcan, P. (2018) "Sharing and shaping : a cross-country comparison of how sharing economy firms shape their institutional environment to gain legitimacy", Academy of Management Discoveries. Published online before print January 24, 2018, doi: 10.5465/amd.2016.0153