Women's Professional Network

This network brings together current students, staff and alumni interested in issues affecting women and all other underrepresented groups in business. Our strength lies in the fact that we come from a variety of industries and locations around the world. 

Alongside face-to-face events, the group offers a place to network, learn, share experiences and help women grow and develop professionally. Any member can invite guests, work colleagues, and contacts of their choice to events – men are encouraged to attend and join the conversation. 

Latest research news

Future of Work
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On the back of BT announcing it will make sure 25 per cent of its workforce are from non-white backgrounds by 2030, Marianna Fotaki lists the advantages of having a diverse staff.

Future of Work
How human-AI hybrids will change work forever

AI is infiltrating every part of our lives, especially the workplace, but instead of taking over jobs researchers believe it will work alongside humans. Panos Constantinides explains.