Executive Education at WBS

11 October 2021

At Warwick Business School (WBS), we offer a number of face-to-face, online and customised Executive Education programmes, designed for both individuals and organisations.

Below, some of our previous course participants share their experience studying at WBS and the benefits that learning and development brings.

Susan Andrew, Postgraduate Award in Service Operations Management

"Prior to making my career change I had plenty of experience managing teams, projects and budgets but I felt that I lacked technical knowledge around service operations management. My boss at the time knew that Warwick Business School (WBS) had a good reputation in this field and recommended that I looked into the courses. The Postgraduate Award in Service Operations Management course content covered the foundation in service operations that I felt I needed, and explored numerous different concepts, models and tools that I could use in different situations.

One of my highlights from the programme were the case studies during the webinars, as they really brought the teaching to life. I also liked the fact that we were encouraged to use our own organisation as the basis for our assessment pieces. Sometimes at work we don’t get enough time to take a step back and really focus on particular ideas or problems. The assessments gave me the opportunity to spend some time applying new concepts to my current job and I came away with some really valuable insights as a result that prompted me to do things differently."

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Christian Hunt, Behavioural Science in Practice

"My decision to study the Behavioural Science in Practice programme at WBS was driven by a professional need. I recognised that many aspects of my role involved influencing human decision-making. Organisations cannot be compliant of their own accord, it’s the people within them that will determine whether or not that is the case. For those reasons, I felt that it would be helpful to enhance my practical behavioural science knowledge in order to be able to fulfil my role. Having looked at the available options, I felt that the Behavioural Science in Practice programme offered a good balance of theory and practical experience with a faculty that was well respected on both fronts. There was no other course that could match it in those respects.

I came with very high expectations and I’m delighted to say that they were exceeded. Not only did I learn a huge amount, but I was also able to build a network of like-minded colleagues (we still speak to each other three years later!). I also really enjoyed getting out of the office to learn something that was genuinely interesting and useful. Many courses I’ve been on looked good in theory, but didn’t really deliver. This one did! It is no exaggeration to say that the Behavioural Science in Practice programme has fundamentally changed my life. Having attended the course, I have now put into practice many of the principles and ideas that I have learned. As a result, I was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of behavioural science, not only within my area of responsibility of compliance & operational risk, but much more broadly."

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Remi Abere, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

"The DBA programme has given me the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally through the four-year intensive programme. One of my main highlights has been joining the diverse and highly intellectual fellow cohort from all over the world which fostered knowledge, culture, friendship and fun. I’ve also really benefited from the faculty, who were not only renowned in their respective fields, but were also very friendly and approachable; their support every step of the way was truly invaluable.

One of the reasons I enrolled on the DBA programme was for a change in career. After spending more than 30 years in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, I wanted to work in an area where I would be able to solve a societal challenge and contribute. The area that I am most passionate about is skills - the skills needed to engage the youth in this age of automation, especially in Africa because it is poised to become home of the world’s largest workforce. My findings have enabled me set up a social enterprise, RoebiGlobal, focused on helping to develop African technology talent for local and remote employment. I also started consulting for the Nigerian government in this area."

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Mushhood Haider, Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership 

"I was aware that WBS consistently ranked amongst the top business schools in the country. I possessed an MBA, and I was researching the best course to enhance my leadership abilities. The Warwick Executive Diploma matched all of my requirements (structure, timing, location and content), where my working life would not be impacted too much. It’s a very diverse group of professionals on the course, with an ethos of collaboration rather than competition amongst the cohort. It creates an atmosphere to harbour collective participation, resonating in a positive cycle of energy and enlightenment.

The course content It is highly relevant, and hones an ambidextrous mindset, to impress both clients and investors in a VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment. It also encourages you to consider new ways in developing a healthier business ecosystem in which the needs and wellbeing of stakeholders are considered and respected. I believe the Diploma will help equip and boost my transition from manager to leader, connect my leadership imperative with the wider environment, sustain my leadership authenticity and create long lasting professional relationships with like-minded, yet diverse students, teaching staff and the alumni network."

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