Sirra: A day in my life as a BSc Management student

27 February 2023

BSc Management student Sirra shares an insight into what a typical day in the life looks like as a WBS student.

Currently being a second-year student at Warwick Business School (WBS), some school days consist of a lot of work whereas others are more laid back and relaxed. Although I only have lectures and seminars on three days of the week, I find myself on campus quite a lot.

During days when I have seminars or lectures, I wake up at least two hours before I’m due on campus (on my good days) as I stay off-campus. Although I am only a 5-minute walk away from the Pool Meadow bus stop, I find myself running late frequently. Luckily, the bus system is extremely efficient and runs every 10 minutes, so I am always able to attend my classes on time. It usually takes me about 25-30 minutes to get to campus and I am dropped off at the Warwick University Interchange. This is not too far from WBS, where most of my classes take place so it only takes me about 2 minutes before I find myself entering the building. If I have time to spare (rarely ever), I typically lounge at the entrance with myself or friends until it’s almost time to attend my class, depending on the day it is.

Due to my slight coffee addiction, I find myself rushing to the Library Cafe or WBS Café for a caramel frappe right after my lecture on more days than I would like to admit. Now that the weather’s getting colder, I sometimes opt for a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream on top to keep myself warm and cozy. I usually have time to spare after this as I have long breaks between classes. Therefore, I usually like to chill with my friends at the WBS learning grid or the Green Room (above the student union) until I have my next class. Occasionally, I go to the library on floor 5 or the silent space on floor 2 when I really need to focus and get some work done. After attending all my lectures and getting work done, I rush back to the Warwick Interchange before getting the bus back home.

Although I do not have any classes on Wednesdays, I find myself on campus quite a lot. This is due to my obsession with the food trucks at the Piazza that sell a large variety of amazing foods from different cultures. After getting food, I usually go back to the WBS learning grid to catch up on some of my asynchronous work for Thursday and Friday. Additionally, I am usually on campus on days that I don’t have any work due to the networking and career events available at WBS. I love attending these events as it is not only a great opportunity to network and discover new internships, but also a way to get FREE food. Given that I have such a sweet tooth, I love how there are always doughnuts, biscuits, and other sweet treats available.

Furthermore, I sometimes attend office hours of lecture/seminar tutors when I feel like I would benefit from a bit more explanation on specific topics. Given that I live off-campus, I appreciate that my tutors are mostly flexible enough to give me the option to attend office hours online or in person. Therefore, on days when I want to take a break from campus, I just attend these meetings online. Similarly, I utilise the WBS CareersPlus team quite frequently to get feedback and help on applications and internships. I usually do this on Tuesdays or Thursdays as they are always at the WBS café for a couple of hours each week. However, when I can’t make these days, I simply book an online meeting on my.wbs for a time and date that I find convenient.

Overall, each day at WBS as a BSc Management student consists of different things. This is due to the large variety of activities that I can do each day.  Although my course can sometimes be stressful or challenging, there are so many activities and support available on and off campus that make it much more manageable.

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