The Warwick Finance Network runs activities and events to enable networking amongst alumni and students working in the finance industry or in a financial position within their organisation. We hold regular professional networking events throughout the year at WBS London at The Shard, along with an annual, and very popular, Summer Social.  

Our objectives are to: 

  • Foster a strong alumni network in the financial service sector 

  • Share research on the latest thinking 

  • Get inspired by industry leaders.

Latest research news

Finance and Markets
AI set to revolutionise financial investment

Traditional financial and investment management research and work-flows will be heavily disrupted by AI over the next 10 years, a symposium of leading researchers heard.

Finance and Markets
AI is a game-changer for fund managers

AI offers a chance for fund managers to step away from the crowd and end years of declining returns, a webinar for investors and researchers heard.

Finance and Markets
How can we stop the auditing scandals?

Accounting scandals such as Enron's collapse have blighted the business world. Jo Horton reveals the best regulatory regime to safeguard against them happening.