Applied (Health) Research Centre West Midlands

Formerly the Organising Health Research Network, the Applied (Health) Research Centre West Midlands is a research grouping concerned with impact policy and organisational practice, commonly through empirical health and social care studies, supported by large scale funding. 

Current projects include: 

  • NIHR Applied (Health) Research Centre (ARC) West Midlands - Implementation Theme, hosted by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (£1.1 million, Currie, Swan, Oborn, Burgess) 

  • ESRC Exploring Innovations in Transition to Adulthood (EXIT Study) (£1.63 million, Currie, Swan) 

  • Health Foundation Evaluation of Virginia Mason Initiative (£400,000, Burgess, Currie, Crump)  

  • Suite of projects under the Warwick-Monash-Alliance (WMA) Healthcare Improvement Partnership, most recently NHMRC award for ‘Women into Leadership in Healthcare’ ($Aus 5 million, Currie, Crump) 

  • NIHR Research for Patient Benefit funded research on new care models for the homeless (£118,000, Swan, Currie).

Centre Director: Professor Graeme Currie.

Latest research news

Decision-making and Analytics
WBS academic advising NHS on COVID-19 response

Ivo Vlaev, Professor of Behavioural Science, has been helping the UK tackle the pandemic as part of the National Health Service’s (NHS) COVID Behaviour Change Unit. 

Decision-making and Analytics
How to persuade people to take the COVID-19 vaccine

For the vaccine to work and end the pandemic lockdown Governments need at least 80 per cent of the population to take it. Ivo Vlaev explains how behavioural science can be used to present a persuasive case.