Leading People Through Change and Disruption

Are you leading or experiencing a change in your organisation?

People are at the centre of organisational change. Aligning key stakeholders and securing their commitment to a new strategic direction, together with high levels of engagement, is what turns strategic plans into reality.

In this Postgraduate Award, you will explore the people side of organisational change and the implications for change leaders. This includes gaining a deeper understanding of the human reaction to change and the role of emotions. You will critically reflect on your responses and other’s responses to the change process. This PGA will also examine the organisational factors that create the context for change, such as the distribution of power. Based on this you will consider how you should adapt and evolve how you lead, to become more effective in your role as a change leader.

Through this insight, you will explore a range of strategies for effective change implementation and develop critical insights into the dynamics of change within an organisation. The learning will draw upon a variety of relevant case studies, plus guest speaker to provide a practitioner perspective.

  • Next Application Deadline 24 May 2024
  • Start Date 11 June 2024
  • Duration 4 days
  • Location London - The Shard
  • Format Part-time
  • Fees £4,200 *

* See fees and funding for fees breakdown.


This Postgraduate Award will run across four days of face-to-face teaching at our London base in The Shard, with a six week window to complete your assignments.


  • Day one: You will learn about leading through change and uncertainty, and the role of trust, emotions and the psychological contract.
  • Day two: You will explore designing change interventions and diagnosing the change context.
  • Day three: You will delve into leadership, power and influence, and the dynamics of organisational communication in a change process.
  • Day four: You will explore using behavioural insights to drive organisational change and how to develop your leadership action plan.

Your learning will be consolidated into two assignments, a reflective paper and a case study applying the concepts and theories from the module to critically assess your own effectiveness as a change leader, and identify key areas and opportunities for development.

What will you learn? 

  • You will be able to critically analyse how different stakeholders experience organisational change and engage with the change process
  • Understand the importance of context, and how this can inform change strategy
  • You will have an appreciation for how human emotions shape the response to organisational change and how you can use this to evaluate how change strategies impact trust and engagement
  • You will be able to evaluate how leaders and other stakeholders shape the change narrative, and how a dominant narrative emerges. You will be able to use this understanding to develop appropriate communication strategies for change in your organisation
  • Critically reflect on how you lead change and how you can adapt your approach for greater success
  • Implement leadership practices that generate momentum and accountability in the change process.

Benefits to you and your business 

  • Applied learning - Each Postgraduate Award provides knowledge, tools and strategies to take straight back to the workplace. Assignments directly link what is learnt in the classroom to your organisation. 
  • Flexible on time - This Postgraduate Award will run across four days of face-to-face teaching at our London base in The Shard, with a six week window to complete your assignments.
  • Flexible on finance - You can pay for each Postgraduate Award individually, allowing you to build up to higher awards gradually, when budget allows. 

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