Custom partnerships

Tailored solutions to help develop your staff and organisational capabilities

Custom partnerships enable us to partner with your organisation in a way that tailors the content of the programme to your specific needs, and ensures that the issues that are being discussed in the classroom setting are issues that are absolutely relevant to the immediate challenges of your business. 

Working with you relies on close collaboration and co-creation:

  • We gain a deep understanding of your business to enable us to be a strategic supplier that supports delivering organisational objectives
  • The emphasis is on personal learning and application, and we focus on delivering identifiable value to your organisation 
  • We ensure that tailored development solutions are integrated with your organisation’s culture, values and objectives.

We address your complex challenges through a number of founding principles:

  • Organisational focus: Starting with a deep understanding of your business, we tailor our solutions to provide learning that supports your objectives and delivers lasting impact
  • Academic rigour: Our team will ensure that your customised programme benefits from the latest research and insight, including new thinking from across the University of Warwick
  • Contemporary design: The learning features experiential content, peer support and workplace activity that explores and embeds different thinking and new ways of working
  • Practical application: We ensure that every element of your development programme is deeply embedded in practice, to ensure it takes your workforce to the next level
  • Superior delivery: We utilise exceptional facilities at WBS London (The Shard), Warwick Conferences, and our world-leading distance learning platform my.wbs.

Benefits of a custom partnership

With custom partnerships we deliver real business impact, both in terms of the transformation of individuals, and how a team can impact and transform their organisation collectively. 

Organisations who come to us are typically looking to drive the performance of their business by: 

  • Creating a culture that is more entrepreneurial, more innovative and with more creativity 
  • Increasing personal and organisational agility to ensure faster adaptation and progress
  • Improving both strategic and distributed leadership simultaneously and seamlessly
  • Ensuring the fast and effective execution of the organisational strategy and business plan
  • Accelerating the transformation of the organisation (particularly digitally)
  • Developing distinctive capabilities that provide market advantage and additional value
  • Upskilling key individuals that represent the future talent and succession in the business
  • Implementing significant change, for example successfully executing a restructure.

Many of the organisations who come to us come with a growth agenda, and they’re interested in working with their senior leadership groups across a variety of factors and dimensions. They want to enable that group to think differently and find ways to lead that will drive that growth agenda within the organisation - creating the space and environment where people are prepared to take risks, to experiment, to try new things, and to significantly add value to customers and the wider stakeholder community. 

    Thought leadership

    Our research and teaching academics are constantly striving for excellence in everything they do, from the latest ground-breaking research to inspiring our students. We love collaborating with policy-makers, the healthcare sector, and disability rights charities (to name just a few), to ensure organisations are embracing the future of change and creating a fairer world. 

    Our faculty are thought-leaders in their particular areas of research and expertise, and will support your team on their learning journey. But they won’t hold hands; they’ll push, critique and challenge them to bring out their full potential. 

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