Enhancing Customer Centricity and the Customer Voice

How can you ensure that customers are at the heart of your organisation?

Place the customer at the heart of your organisation to ensure the best customer experience. Learn to think like your customers, and know who they are and who they will become, to give your organisation a competitive edge.

This Postgraduate Award delves into the theories and concepts that will allow you to build a customer-centric culture within your organisation. Not only does this module provide the tools that are needed to create a customer-centric organisational culture, but you will also explore how to manage and overcome resistance towards developing an organisation with customer-centric culture at its core. You will also develop skills to manage customer experience, providing you with an understanding of how you can design better customer experiences and enhance the customer journey.

  • Start Date 03 December 2024
  • Duration 4 days
  • Location London - The Shard
  • Format Part-time
  • Fees £4,410 *

* See fees and funding for fees breakdown.


This Postgraduate Award will run across four days of face-to-face teaching at our London base in The Shard, with a six week window to complete your assignments.


  • Day one: What does a customer-centric organisation look like? Prof Mairead Brady will explore the dimensions of customer centricity and the challenges of leading a customer-centric organisation.
  • Day two: Delve into customer experience management with Prof Laura Chamberlain, who will explain the importance of customer experience. You will explore how you connect with customers and design better experiences that will align perfectly with your own corporate realities. 
  • Day three: Explore how you can manage organisational change for enhancing customer centricity. You will develop skills on how to build and manage the team and the structures needed to manage this change.  AI and automation challenges will also be explored. 
  • Day four: You will discover how you can become a customer-centric organisation, you will further develop and enhance your understanding of the customer voice, technological challenges and the importance of bringing the organisation along with you.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to apply learnings to your own organisation. Your learning will be consolidated into two assignments, a reflective paper and a case study where you can develop a customer-centric enhancing change plan for your own company.

What will you learn?

  • You will have insight and knowledge to explain and critically evaluate the concepts of customer centricity and organisational culture 
  • Develop tools to build and implement a customer-centric culture within your organisation
  • Understand the resistance to change that can occur in organisations, and develop skills to manage and overcome challenges to organisational change in your organisation
  • You will gain an understanding of the role of technology, including AI and automation, within the customer-centric organisation 
  • You will develop an understanding of customer experience management practices and how you can implement them in your organisation to improve the customer journey.

Benefits to you and your business 

  • Applied learning - Each Postgraduate Award provides knowledge, tools and strategies to take straight back to the workplace. Assignments directly link what is learnt in the classroom to your organisation. 
  • Flexible on time - This Postgraduate Award will run across four days of face-to-face teaching at our London base in The Shard, with a six week window to complete your assignments.
  • Flexible on finance - You can pay for each Postgraduate Award individually, allowing you to build up to higher awards gradually, when budget allows. 

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