Behavioural Science in Consumers and Markets

How can understanding human behavioural patterns give your organisation a competitive edge? 

How and why do we make certain decisions? Individual decision-making affects markets and organisations. Develop a toolkit that will enable you to have better personal decision-making, better design of products and services, and more effective workplaces.

In this Postgraduate Award, you'll develop an understanding of how individuals make general decisions, including how individuals within your organisation make decisions, and how you make decisions. You will be introduced to a range of theoretical perspectives around individual decision-making and evaluation. Through real-world case studies, you'll learn to apply these theories and concepts to better understand how people develop their preferences and to improve individuals’ decision-making. You'll explore how core theories apply to consumer purchasing decisions, shape large markets and how behavioural science insights can be used to shape consumer choice.

  • Next Application Deadline 3 September 2024
  • Start Date 24 September 2024
  • Duration 4 days
  • Location London - The Shard
  • Format Part-time
  • Fees £4,410 *

* See fees and funding for fees breakdown.


This Postgraduate Award will run across four days of face-to-face teaching at our London base in The Shard, with a six week window to complete your assignments.


  • Day one: Explore the fundamental frameworks for thinking about the human mind, how we perceive value, decide upon our actions and make our decisions.
  • Day two: You will explore how the limitations of our attention and information processing capabilities leads to biases in decision making an planning.
  • Day three: Using financial decision making as a lens, you'll examine how people respond to risk, reward, losses, and unpredictability.
  • Day four: Understand the way the human mind makes decisions through comparisons and judgements, and how that can impact the wider world. 

During the course you will explore many case studies to apply theoretical thinking to real-life practice. To support and consolidate your knowledge, there are two assignments: a reflective essay and a case study.

What will you learn? 

  • You will be able to explain and critically evaluate core theories of human behaviour and decision-making 
  • Develop your personal decision-making skills
  • Apply behavioural science insights and theory to your organisation, allowing you to predict the preferences of consumers and investors, shape consumer choices and develop product marketing that will appeal to consumers
  • Understand how behavioural insights can explain larger patterns within markets such as financial investments
  • Apply theories and concepts to your business practices, helping to develop a more effective work environment by reducing the impact of irrational biases of individuals within your organisation.

Benefits to you and your business 

  • Applied learning - Each Postgraduate Award provides knowledge, tools and strategies to take straight back to the workplace. Assignments directly link what is learnt in the classroom to your organisation. 
  • Flexible on time - This Postgraduate Award will run across four days of face-to-face teaching at our London base in The Shard, with a six week window to complete your assignments.
  • Flexible on finance - You can pay for each Postgraduate Award individually, allowing you to build up to higher awards gradually when budget allows. 

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