Viktor Didenchuk
Accelerator MBA (2024 - 2026)

I have 7 years of experience. I started my career as a software engineer during my studies, pivoted into project management later, co-founded and exited a start-up, and at the moment, I am a Business Agility Lead in Lloyds Banking Group, leading a business division of 150 people through what some people say “the biggest organisation transformation in the financial domain”.

I decided to do an MBA as I believe that it is a great opportunity to boost my career progression as well as an amazing chance to build a professional network. I had an opportunity to explore a couple of schools with similar fees and positions in ratings in the UK. I chose Warwick Business School (WBS) as it had the friendliest approach and no-nonsense policies and meetings during the recruitment process.

The blended learning format of the Accelerator MBA is amazing and I find it much easier than I expected to balance work and studies. I thought I would struggle to find time for the modules; however, I use the same time that I had used for reading/studying before, which is perfect. Also, the way that face-to-face attendance is compressed into 3-4 days means I can plan my time between lectures, family and work events.

My cohort is amazing. We have been in touch since our first meeting and keep in contact during modules and beyond. If I have any questions, I ask the cohort first, and with a 99% probability, they will have an answer or guidance where I can find an answer. People are coming from different domains, which makes it an excellent way to get insights into areas I have never worked in before.

If you’re considering doing an MBA, I’d say go for it. If you have ever done any research on an MBA, it is much better than all you have read. It’s worth every penny, and there is some fun in remembering all the tips you had during your Bachelor’s.