Facing the application process with confidence with the support of CareersPlus

20 December 2021

Global Online MBA participant Jack highlights how the CareersPlus team has supported him in securing an internship at a large financial institution. 

When I sat down and logged on to begin my Global Online MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) in the summer of 2020, like the majority of my cohort, I was there to make a change. The motivations for that change were as varied as our backgrounds, however, one theme was common to all of us - we wanted to leave the 24-month programme better positioned and better prepared to make a jump upwards in our companies or industries, or make a jump out into a completely fresh direction.

I fell into the second category, having spent almost a decade in the British Army I was ready to make the ultimate leap into the unknown, transitioning into the civilian world. Just to add an additional edge to this pretty major life adjustment I had decided to do it from abroad (I was posted in Belgium at the time), and during a global pandemic – both factors adding unwelcome layers of complexity onto what was already a difficult undertaking.

I was confident that the MBA from WBS would expose me to a broad range of fascinating subjects during the journey through eight core and four elective modules. I was also confident that it would bring me into close proximity with high quality, ambitious people from across the spectrum, which would allow me to develop a clear understanding of the opportunities out there and also a better appreciation of where my strengths lay. I was correct on both counts, but what I hadn’t full appreciated, was the range of the resources available through the career services. Once I realised quite how much was available I began to explore what can only be described as an online careers department.

I started by diving headfirst into the CareersPlus section on the slick WBS online platform. This contains a range of resources centred around a dedicated Careers module which leads students by the hand, from discovering your ‘Personal Values & Motivations’, to ‘Mapping your Career’ and ‘Marketing Yourself’, right the way through to ‘Offer Negotiation’. CareersPlus gives access to a multitude of resources designed to help optimise ones’ CV, practice numerical, logical and comprehension exercises and even the chance to gain feedback on ones’ virtual interview technique. All invaluable training opportunities to ensure that you maximise your potential during the barrage of tests and interviews which make up the modern-day selection process.

The support doesn’t stop there, the site’s live feed is updated multiple times a day with new content, events, and opportunities. All of which are of a very high quality, and, augmented by the career coaching and networking opportunities to ensure that the only limiting factor is your own stamina! 

The highly professional people of the WBS Careers department have been a calm, experienced and immensely helpful guide through a hugely disruptive and formative period in my life, and for that I am enormously grateful. I have recently secured an internship at a large financial institution; competition was fierce and the tests rigorous and I have no doubt that having CareersPlus at the centre of my preparation allowed me to face the challenge with the competence and confidence necessary to succeed.

Find out more about the CareersPlus services here.