Taking advantage of CareerPlus resources on the Executive MBA

24 February 2021

Current Executive MBA (London) participant Jay Jadeja discusses how the range of resources, events, workshops, and coaching support available from the WBS CareersPlus team has benefitted him throughout his MBA experience.

There may be a few different reasons for considering an MBA. But it mostly boils down to developing new competencies and staying ahead of the game. For prospective students, if you are looking to make a positive change to the status quo, consider the highly popular Executive MBA in London from Warwick Business School (WBS) to help you make it happen. WBS offers a compelling proposition across the board and apart from all the palpable benefits, it also offers access to a top class careers service (CareersPlus), comprising of a team of professionals who are dedicated, experienced and passionate about delivering a personalised service to help students reach their career goals.

The WBS CareersPlus team understand that students usually have an idea of their end goal but are not sure of how to get there. The “how” is in the range of resources, tools and frameworks, events, webinars, workshops, and the coaching they provide that ultimately enables you to take full control of your career and actively manage it towards your end goal.

Knowing yourself and coaching

The foundation of a successful career is “knowing yourself” well. Personality and psychometric assessments such as Insights, Myers Briggs, and Hogan etc. are provided through the WBS CareersPlus services and the team have the experience and knowledge to offer one to one coaching for interpretation of these assessments.

I attended the webinars and workshops run by the CareersPlus team on what these assessments are about and how they help in uncovering facts about the person. During one such session, I discovered about the Myers-Briggs Step II assessment which is used to understand behavioural facets in relation to dichotomies. The assessment on its own would have made me a bit wary, but the CareersPlus team offer a one-on-one coaching session which is used to further the action plan in the assessment. This helped me uncover behavioural facts, my uniqueness and the strengths that should be leveraged whilst being alert of what can potentially knock me back and drain all my energy.

Having a known expert (CareersPlus team member) to talk to who can share real life examples, helps in avoiding any misinterpretations of the assessment and delivers the value it is meant to. Also, as a student on the Executive MBA (London), you get a further three executive coaching sessions to discuss issues of choice with expert coaches on a one-to-one basis.

Building and maintaining a network

Building the right network around you is paramount for career success, especially for making that next move. The idea of networking sends a shiver down my spine which was the first thing I had to overcome to learn effective networking. I used the coaching sessions to overcome my nervousness, whilst learning the latest techniques and tools via the content provided on the my.wbs platform by the CareersPlus team to sharpen my approach to networking. The team are very aware of all the pitfalls of networking and are well equipped to support the learning of this very important skill. I found the webinars, workshops and keynote speeches on networking invaluable.

Staying up to date with insights

One of the best things about the CareersPlus team is the regular, and relevant content availability so that you don’t miss a beat, and can stay up to date with insights. As an example, during this pandemic (amongst many more things), they organised a series of online sessions using their vast network, with speakers from various sectors like consulting, consumer products, health and life sciences, finance, technology and companies like Amazon, GE healthcare, Astrazeneca, Novartis, IBM, etc. These sessions provided valuable insights into how these companies and sectors are coping, what challenges they are facing and what the future looks like.

The job market all over the world presents different and unique challenges today, more than ever before. We have no control over the job market or any events that affect it, but what we do have control over is the approach we take for a more successful and rewarding career. I recommend joining the Executive MBA (London) at WBS and taking full advantage of the CareersPlus resources to prepare yourself for the post-Covid, VUCA world.

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