How Alessandro's time at WBS helped him launch his own start-up

09 December 2019

Discover how BSc Management alumnus, Alessandro, has launched his own start-up using the knowledge and fundamental business skills he learnt at Warwick Business School.

I joined Warwick Business School (WBS) in 2014 to start my BSc Management course. Prior to WBS I had completed my IB diploma at St Clare’s College in Oxford, an experience which truly opened my mind up and confirmed my decision to continue studying in the UK. I decided to study at WBS mostly because of the good reputation the business school had within the business community and thanks to the suggestions of my IB business teacher. She advised me to select a place based not only on their current reputation but on the future trend. Based on this aspect I think I chose correctly as WBS’s reputation keeps growing both nationally and internationally.

My best memories from WBS are related to both the teaching environment and the student cohort. I loved the fact that at WBS we had the opportunity to choose plenty of modules from our second year onwards. This made for a highly customised course, enabling me to tailor my course to what I thought would be most useful for my future business life. One of the modules I enjoyed the most at the time was ‘design in business’, which helped me understand how to how to incorporate a user centric mindset in every aspect of business.

During my time at WBS, I was involved in several societies as either a co-founder or executive. In my final year at WBS along with other fellow students I co-founded the Warwick Sustainable Development Society (WSDS) with the aim of encouraging business sustainability. From my role within this society, I improved on my organisational skills by planning events and activities focusing on promoting sustainability within businesses economic growth.

The WBS CareersPlus team were fundamental in helping me tailor my CV and assisted me with my Masters applications. After graduating from WBS I decided to join ESADE Business and Law School to study my Masters to continue to develop my entrepreneurial skillset. After completing my Masters, I joined UCapital24 as a Business Intelligence Analyst where I focus on analysing the latest technologies and trends of the financial world such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

My final thesis investigated how to bring innovation through entrepreneurship to the Italian aftermarket automotive sector, worth over €46 bn and representing around 4% of the Italian GDP. Whilst working full time at UCapital24 I have therefore dedicated all of my free time to launching my own start-up in the automotive field called Meccamico. The purpose of my start-up is to create a platform where users can quickly and easily request a certified mechanic to come and service their vehicle in a place that is convenient to them such as at home or at work.meccamico logo

Several factors inspired me to create Meccamico. First and foremost the fact that once the work life begins, time becomes the most valuable. Secondly, people reward businesses who’s aim is to simplify their life. This is the reason why firms such as Uber, Airbnb and Glovo are popular in comparison to much older and obsolete competitors. I also had a passion for cars and anything that surrounds their world. You need to passionate about what you are developing otherwise it will be a lot more difficult to succeed.

To help develop my start-up I have prioritised the tasks that require my time, effort and resources and tackled them one by one. I learnt this skill at WBS and have discovered that no task is ever too complicated if it is split into simpler tasks. Whilst studying at WBS I learnt to manage my academic workload alongside my extracurricular activities and this skill has been pivotal in helping me launch my start-up.

Currently the start-up is in its launch phase as we are testing our system and platform directly on the metropolitan area of Milano. Mechanics are enthusiast about finding a collaborative partner who makes their job easier and customers love the idea of not having to waste hours of their precious time taking care of car maintenance. So far, it is going really well, and looking back I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish as much as I have without the skills I developed throughout my education.  

The best advice I would give to a prospective undergraduate looking to study at WBS would be to focus on their own personal strengths. Very few people are born as natural geniuses but WBS provides a brilliant environment for you to develop yourself both personally and academically.

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