Muhammad Aitzaz Aamir
Restaurant business owner
MSc Marketing & Strategy (2018 - 2019)

Tell us about yourself and your background. What were you doing before you joined WBS? 

My name is Muhammad, an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Coming from a very low-income family background, I always admired students who were lucky enough to go abroad and study at world-renowned universities. However, my own savings and father’s hard work came into my use and he sponsored me to travel to the UK and pursue my master’s degree at University of Warwick. Before joining Warwick, I was working as a senior marketing executive at a chemicals company based in Pakistan while also pursuing my bachelor’s degree in BSc International Business. 

Why did you decide to study at WBS? 

The University of Warwick has been my aim since high school, not only because of the prestigious brand image it holds but also the quality of education it provides. I was very much impressed by the research topics and innovative methods of study. My course cohort included students from around the globe and it allowed me to interact with people from different cultures, which helped me grow as a person. Lastly, WBS offered a great team of faculty members who are always there to assist you. WBS is not an institution, it is my second home and always will be. 

What did the WBS scholarship enable you to do?  

The WBS scholarship helped a lot indeed; because of the scholarship, I was able to save up money and travel the world and worry less about my tuition fee.  

Tell us about your current company and what your job involves 

Since my degree, I’ve moved into business and currently own a burger joint. Based in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, my burger joint is ranked as top 5 most desirable restaurants to visit within the city. I manage everything and lead a team of 20 people within one branch.  

My MSc course has helped me to conduct market research in a more professional way and come up with better strategies to compete efficiently within the hospitality industry. 

How did things change for you on completing your course, and what opportunities opened up for you? 

I became a calculated risk-taker. I had very few savings to start up my own restaurant, but the skills and qualities I built in myself while I was studying at WBS helped me to take this bold step.  

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for your course at WBS? 

Don’t think twice. Apply to WBS if you want the best opportunities to open up for you.