Anika Khosla
Senior Auditor, EY
BSc Accounting & Finance (2014 – 2018)

I am currently a second year Accounting and Finance Student. As a twin and a member of a close large family, coming to university alone was a challenge for myself. Having got involved in different activities within my degree, as well as socially, I have been able to make long lasting friendships, learn about different cultures, build upon my confidence and excelled in my personal self-development targets. I have thoroughly enjoyed my degree in every aspect. I love the connection that all of the modules have with each other, as well as the depth and understanding between each module. The flexibility to take an intercalated year is also something that appealed to me and something that I have taken advantage of. The degree structure, to me, is faultless and the flexibility in the degree is something that keeps my motivation high throughout studying. 

Teaching and learning at Warwick comes in different forms and methods. Exposure to these different methods have allowed me to develop skills and learn more efficiently. With a mixture of lectures, seminars, group and individual work, WBS prepare their students for any type of learning. I personally loved group work. Each year I have found that WBS ensure that their students do, at least two group work modules. Each of these group work modules create a sense of belonging between the group and through this interaction, work is efficiently undertaken. I have always enjoyed interacting with people and understanding different perspectives and WBS has enabled me to carry this on throughout my studies. All of these skills, I will be able to apply when I join EY on my placement year. 

Accounting and Finance is known as ‘the passport to the world’. The degree covers a variety of modules which equip you with skills for any industry and role in the working world. For example, gaining knowledge of law and applying it to the finance industry shows how accounting and finance are at the centre of most things. We study modules which look at the global environment of business, examine the impact of different economic climates and political aspects within the world. Studying such a discipline prepares you for any conversation, task or challenge you may face. 

At the moment, WBS has roughly 50 different cultures represented, bringing such diversity to studying. Being able to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, provide different perspectives which broaden your mind set. Having had the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, I have learnt to respect the fact that some people don’t have English as their first language. Being able to communicate information in a variety of ways is something which prepares you for the future. With such a diverse school, you will make long lasting friendships which can lead you all of the world. This was the case with me in my first year summer as I travelled to Thailand and Malaysia, meeting friends who were able to share their knowledge and experiences with me. 

As mentioned previously, I am going to be completing an industrial placement at EY. Applying for the EY scholarship programme was my first ever application for a job. Being unknown to the application process, I seeked a lot of help from the WBS CareersPlus team. The careers team were there to support me from day one, from submitting my written application, to the assessment centre, where they provided me with mock exercises and interviews. Having the support and guidance from the team gave me confidence, enthusiasm and drive to achieve a position on the EY scholarship programme. Help was never an issue from the careers team. They were there for me whenever I needed them and communication could not have been easier, whether it was via email or telephone. 

The University of Warwick and WBS have an endless amount of opportunities for their students. From being an ambassador or a member of the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), to being part of societies and a member on a committee board, all of these opportunities are at your doorstep. As an Ambassador for WBS and a member of the SSLC, these opportunities have enabled me to make good relationships with both staff and students. I am also a member of Bollywood Dance Society, Hindu Society, Accounting Society, Finance Society, Good Food Society and Warwick Rouge. Being a part of a range of societies has enabled me to make good friends, learn different activities and take part in performances. One performance that I did was for One World Week where we embraced the culture and showed what Bollywood is all about. These are excellent ways to keep fit and have fun at the same time. Societies are an excellent way to keep you busy and switch off from work.