Executive Education programmes ranked among the best globally

WBS offers some of the best Executive Education programmes in the world, according to the Financial Times (FT) Executive Education rankings.

We were once again the fastest rising business school in the rankings: our custom programmes ranked 2nd in the UK and 17th in the world, climbing from position 34 in the previous year.

The Business School’s success in the prestigious Custom Programmes Ranking reflects the strength of its bespoke courses and its outstanding client satisfaction ratings.

WBS also ranked 21st globally in the Financial Times overall ranking, which combines the results for custom and open Executive Education programmes – this was an improvement of 16 places.

Andy Lockett, Dean of Warwick Business School, said:

“The exceptional progress we have made in this ranking is testament to the strength of our Executive Education programmes and the hard work of our team to provide outstanding teaching and opportunities for our participants. These results provide a fantastic springboard for the changes we are introducing to make our Executive Education programmes even more accessible and rewarding.”

A closer look at the Executive Education rankings

The Executive Education Ranking differs from the other FT rankings by placing greater emphasis on client feedback than other metrics. Custom and open-enrolment programmes are ranked separately based on responses to the annual FT survey, which thousands of participants answer each year.

The survey questions are designed to measure how Executive Education programmes perform in relation to several criteria, including value for money and the quality of teaching.

Client satisfaction the key to success

Clients scored WBS custom programmes highly for course design, new skills, and learning. A growing number said they intended to use WBS in the future.

Mark Swain, Interim Director of Executive Education at WBS, said: “We are delighted that we have improved in all our client-based metrics this year, including a substantial increase in clients who intend to access our courses in future. This is a ringing endorsement of our programmes and our staff.”

WBS won a prestigious EFMD Excellence in Practice Silver Award with its long-time Executive Education partner the National Fire Chiefs Council in 2022.

The team at WBS also works with a range of national and global clients who contributed to the result, including Network Rail, Hywel Dda (NHS Wales) and Emirates airline.

Giving executives more control over their development

In addition to our custom executive education for businesses, WBS is building on its rankings success by launching The Warwick Leadership Pathways, a new framework of courses that gives busy professionals more control over what they learn and when.

Executives can focus on building their skills and experience across key themes including Leadership, Strategy and Organisational Change, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Future of Work, and Decision-Making and Analytics.

Participants can study at their own pace, earning fully accredited qualifications from the University of Warwick. 

Mark said: “The Warwick Leadership Pathways framework is derived from the Executive Diplomas that have been ranked so highly by the Financial Times.

“That means participants can have more choice, more control, and greater confidence that our courses will deliver the maximum advantage for their career and their organisation.”

About the FT Executive Education Ranking

The FT Executive Education Ranking is an established annual ranking system that serves as an authoritative guide for senior professionals seeking Executive Education. Highly regarded around the world, it assesses the quality and performance of courses offered by business schools.

The ranking employs a comprehensive methodology based on client feedback, allowing for a well-rounded assessment. Both open-enrolment and custom programmes are considered in separate surveys, the results of which contribute towards an overall ranking.

Questions included in the FT survey are designed to assess performance against the following criteria:

  • Preparation – Quality of school-client interactions and incorporation of client ideas and latest research into teaching.
  • Programme design – Adaptability of course design and engagement with external experts to enhance programme content.
  • Teaching methods and materials – Suitability of teaching methods, balancing academic rigour and practicality.
  • Faculty – Teaching quality and faculty collaboration.
  • New skills and learning – Skill relevance, ease of implementation, and promotion of innovative thinking.
  • Follow-up – Effectiveness of post-programme support.
  • Aims achieved – Extent to which expectations were met and quality of feedback from participants.
  • Value for money – Clients' perceived value for their investment.
  • Future use – Likelihood of repeat business and programme recommission.
  • International clients – Proportion of international clients.
  • Overseas programmes – Reach in international markets.
  • Growth – Overall revenue growth and rate of repeat business.
  • Partner schools – Quantity and quality of programmes taught with industry partners.
  • Faculty diversity – diversity of faculty members by citizenship and gender.

To learn more, visit the FT’s Executive Education Ranking page.

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