Decision-making and Analytics

Decision-making and Analytics 

Whether you're looking for ways to boost staff morale and promote retention, or trying to understand the purchasing habits of your customers, our team of behavioural science experts can give you the tools to unlock the power of people in your organisation. 

Decision-making and Analytics brings together disciplines such as psychology, economics and biology, to study human behaviour and decision-making. Known more widely as 'behavioural science', these courses will help you understand the two most important elements of any successful organisation - people, and their behaviour.

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Behavioural Science in Consumers and Markets

Starting 24 September 2024

How and why do we make certain decisions? Individual decision-making affects markets and organisations. Develop a toolkit that will enable you to have better personal decision-making, better design of products and services, and more effective workplaces.

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Business Analytics for Executives

Starting 19 November 2024

This four-day, in-person course, will explore how you can unlock the power of data within your organisation, to improve your decision-making and develop insightful managerial advice.

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Behavioural Science for Organisations and Innovation

Starting 26 November 2024

Are you looking to develop a cooperative, creative and collaborative culture in your organisation? Effective collaboration and positive organisational culture can have a huge impact on well-being, innovation and incentivising team members.

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Behavioural Science for Ethical Leaders and Negotiators

Starting 11 February 2025

With power comes great responsibility, but what does it mean to be an ethical leader in modern society? As a leader and an individual, you face many competing demands. In this module, explore how you can apply theories and strategies to negotiate how you respond as a leader and as a negotiator.

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Behavioural Science in the Real World

Starting 29 April 2025

Human behaviour is at the heart of every business, and so understanding how to apply behavioural science theory and insights can have a real impact on your organisation.

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The Warwick Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership

Are you responsible for developing a successful strategic roadmap for your organisation, and leading and seizing opportunities in a digital age? Study all of our Digital Leadership Postgraduate Awards and achieve your Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership.

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The Warwick Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science

Discover the most effective ways to implement behavioural insights in the real world by exploring behavioural science insights into consumer and market behaviour, leadership and negotiation, effective team management and organisational culture. Study all of our Postgraduate Awards in Behavioural Science to gain your Executive Diploma.

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If the Warwick Leadership Pathways route isn't for you, we also have a selection of alternative Open Programmes that could help you...

Behavioural Science in Practice

Starting 17 April 2024

Do you want to explore the latest insights on experimental psychology, judgement, decision-making, and behavioural science, from some of the best researchers and practitioners in the field? If our Postgraduate Awards aren't the right fit for you, join this 3-day face-to-face course at The Shard, London.

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We have a depth of expertise and experience working with global organisations, to develop tailored executive learning solutions that deliver real business impact.

With our custom partnerships we can create bespoke support for your business using our existing programmes to configure specifically for your organisation, or co-design an entirely customised solution for your unique development objectives.

We will closely collaborate with you to co-create and deliver a programme that:

  • Supports your organisational objectives with lasting impact
  • Focuses on delivering identifiable value by taking your workforce to the next level
  • Embeds different thinking and new ways of working that aligns with your organisation’s culture, values and objectives.

Explore how our custom partnerships could benefit you and your business.

If there is a course or theme in our portfolio that you think could work for your team, and you'd like to discuss how to tailor it more to your company's needs, contact the team at and we will arrange a consultation call to discuss.

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