Athena Swan

Initiatives & Successes

We have worked hard to deliver on our silver action plan and progress our work even further. Here are some highlights of activities and achievements in this area.


  • WBS has developed a fully transparent workload model that enables us to measure workload by gender, and allocate work fairly.
  • The creation of a gender balanced staffing committee responsible for key staffing decisions such as merit pay, senior staff review, promotion and study leave.
  • We have created a ‘future leaders board’ designed to give junior academics experience of managing projects in higher education.
  • We have extended our staff mentoring program, which previously supported only Assistant Professors, which has meant that 34 midcareer female academics are now supported and championed by a senior academic mentor.
  • We have introduced a Talent management programme to support Professional Services staff to develop their careers. 


  • Since our last application the gender pay gap within WBS has fallen dramatically. At junior and senior levels annual merit pay and senior staff review are allocated equally, with women academics receiving on average slightly higher awards.
  • WBS has implemented a policy to reduce the number of academic staff on temporary contracts. We have made all teaching fellows, senior teaching fellows, and principal teaching fellows permanent members of the University.
  • We have supported and developed a series of initiatives, leading to the creation of an ‘early career researcher network’ a ‘women’s academic network’.
  • We have sponsored a number of junior and senior academic and professional support staff, inviting them to participate in university level mentoring and leadership training programmes, as well as high profile national programmes, such as Aurora.
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