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Strategy & Practice

Alongside key initiatives and policy changes described in the previous section, we have been working hard at changing day-to-day practices. In a large department like WBS, linking goals and values to everyday work activities is a central challenge.

Data collection
At the level of academics programmes, through a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures, we actively monitor:

  • the gender composition of each of our 33 courses
  • student performance and attainment by course and gender
  • SSLC membership and seminar membership by gender
  • representation in promotional marketing materials
  • the structure and delivery of open days
  • the culture of the classroom

Devolved action plan
One way we have done this is via the development of a devolved suite of Athena Swan action plans, which relate the main areas of activity within the school, namely academic subject groups, professional sections and academic taught programs.

Programme directors – Associate Deans within WBS – are then tasked with diagnosing problems, and proposing and delivering actions that ensure we continually improve. This has led to numerous initiatives, such as the development of a whistle blowing policy, designed to protect students who wish to complain about the use of gendered language in the classroom. 

Strategy and practice is enabled by the fact we have world-leading academics in the Business School whose research and teaching centres on the roe of gender in the workplace. Illustrative papers include:

Gender is also a central topic in the following illustrative modules:

  • IB9DMO Introduction to HRM (Msc);
  • IB96T0 Equality and Diversity (MSc);
  • IB2400 Understanding Employment Relations (u/g);
  • IB3140 Managing Employment Relations (u/g);
  • IB2610 Equality and Diversity (u/g);
  • IB1230 Foundations of Organisational behaviour (u/g);
  • IB8020 Organisational Behaviour (MBA)
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