Nathalie Maillard
Senior Assistant Registrar (Research)
(WBS Research Office)

Hi, I am Nat and I am the Senior Assistant Registrar (Research) here
at WBS. Essentially, this means that I manage both the Research Office
and Doctoral Programmes Office. I was appointed to the role in Jan-19
and prior to this I was the Department's (Research) Impact &
Environment Manager.

I have 18 years experience of working in academic/research
management; notably working to a high-level at all stages of the
research lifecycle. My career commenced at the University of
Birmingham in 2004, where I worked closely with the Department of
Health to commission and contract research that aimed to improve
patient safety in health and social care settings and to improve
methods that are applied and utilised in health services research. In
2018, following the completion of a part-time MSc in Healthcare Policy
and Management, undertaken at the Health Services Management Centre at
the University of Birmingham, I was appointed Programme Manager for
the National Institute for Health Research's Collaboration for
Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care for Birmingham and
Black Country (CLAHRC BBC). This was a five-year applied health
research programme that aimed to improve health care services for the
benefit of patients and the public. In 2014, following the submission
of a successful £10million grant application, I was appointed Head of
Programme Delivery for the successor, NIHR CLAHRC West Midlands
(CLAHRC WM), based at the Universities of Birmingham, Keele and
Warwick and in partnership with over 24 health and social care
organisations in the region.

I am passionate about research and will always remain curious and
committed to the contribution that Universities can make to both new
knowledge and its application to policy and practice, so that private
and public organisations and the wider public can all benefit now and
in the future.