Entrepreneurship Network

The Warwick Entrepreneurship Network aims to connect Warwick alumni, students and staff with an interest in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in business.

Our objectives are to:

  • Support those wanting to start a business, take one to the next level, or simply seek advice
  • Share a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources with members, whatever their stage of business development
  • Work closely with other Warwick entrepreneurial initiatives to open networks and share resources.

You can also explore our dedicated Entrepreneurship at WBS page to find a range of entrepreneurship related content including courses, news stories, videos and more.


Latest research news

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Do the rewards of AI outweigh the risks?

Does AI really justify the hype? Warwick Business School faculty explore the potential benefits, threats, and limitations of emerging technologies.

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
How can digital platforms beat their rivals?

Kalina Staykova and her colleagues used their studies of MobilePay to create a competition grid advising firms how to defeat multiple rivals online.