How studying an MBA can enrich your professional development

10 July 2023

Online MBA participant Adela Shikhiyeva reflects on how her experience on the programme so far has enabled her to hone her professional ability.

During the past six months spent at Warwick Business School (WBS), my intellectual capacities have not just broadened, but a remarkable change has occurred within me as well. This evolution spans my professional aptitudes and personal outlook, culminating in a transformation that's truly profound.

Indeed, it seems as though the programme has kindled a flame within me, fostering an invigorated commitment to perpetual personal growth. Coupled with an unyielding determination, this passion is guiding me to make my mark on the financial sector as a resilient and competent female leader.

The course has undoubtedly enriched my work at PASHA Private Banking, broadening my perspectives and enhancing my approach to product development and financial management.

In fact, I've been able to utilise real-life case studies from my role during my studies, particularly the challenges surrounding the digital transformation of our banking services. WBS's in-depth course on operational management offered me strategies to navigate these hurdles, and the results have been highly encouraging. The insights gleaned from these studies allowed me to implement more efficient processes, reducing costs and improving service delivery.

In terms of leadership development, the course has been transformative. I've always prided myself as a capable leader, but the nuanced lessons on leadership strategy, communication, and decision-making at Warwick have refined my abilities. I've evolved to become more empathetic and inclusive, fostering a more collaborative and engaging work environment. I've also become more adept at leveraging team strengths, aligning individual capabilities with strategic goals for optimal results.

The knowledge and skills I've gained have not been confined to me alone. I've made it a point to share these insights with my colleagues. We've had numerous sessions discussing the applications of various theories and strategies in our work context. I'm proud to say that this has created an atmosphere of growth and collaboration in our team, and the benefits are clearly visible. Our collective output has seen noticeable improvement, with more innovative solutions and effective strategies being implemented.

My journey in WBS has not only honed my professional capabilities but also redefined my personal outlook. I'm deeply committed to making a real impact in the finance sector as a young woman leader, and my studies have instilled in me the confidence and wisdom to pave the way for other aspiring women in Azerbaijan. I genuinely believe that I can be the spark that inspires positive changes and motivates more women in my country to venture into finance. WBS has become a powerful ally in this endeavor. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

The future is not a mystery; it's a canvas awaiting our brushstrokes. Let's paint a masterpiece of change together.