A day in the life of an MSc Management student

16 March 2020

Our MSc Management student ambassador, Elena shares her typical day from start to finish.

Studying MSc Management at WBS has completely changed my daily routine. No two days in my journey have, thus far, been identical. We are free to design our own time in accordance with our interests and current projects. However, if I were to outline a typical Wednesday for you and give insight into the busy life of an MSc student at WBS, it would look a little something like this:

I wake up, go on my.WBS (our online learning platform) and review my timetable. Although I only have one lecture from 10.00 to 1.00pm I know it’s still going to be a busy day. Living on campus and therefore in walking distance to the Warwick Sports and Wellness Hub, I decide to get a workout in before my class. I return to my accommodation at Heronbank, get ready and make my way to the WBS café for my first coffee of the day.

I meet my friends for my lecture on Customer Value Management. This module focuses on how marketing and operations in business create value for the customer. In order to develop our understanding of this, the lecturers have assigned weekly case studies for us to work through in groups. Today my group is randomly selected to present our recommendations and analysis. As these presentations are graded, I am excited and proud to see that ours went smoothly.

It’s time for lunch. The biweekly food market is on today, so my friends and I head to main campus to scout out the different street food trucks that have lined up outside of the Rootes Building. We get some food, sit on the steps of the Piazza and watch the street dance society practice some moves. I know I won’t be home until late, so I quickly stop by the campus supermarket to buy some snacks, before returning to WBS.

After lunch, I have a Business Immersion and Critical Thinking group meeting, so I make my way towards the Postgraduate Lounge. As skilled and effective project collaboration is essential to a career in management it is also essential to the study of management. Most of my modules, therefore, incorporate a group work component. The Business Immersion and Critical Thinking project is, however, of a much larger scale than some of the others. My group and I thus meet every week to discuss our progress and prepare for seminars. I have been working with them for a few months now, which means we know exactly how we work best and are able to complete our seminar preparation quickly. We hang out for a bit and then head over to the seminar room.

The purpose of this seminar is to aid our project progress and ensure that we are on the right track. We give our 20-minute presentation, in front of the second group and the seminar leader, and take note of any feedback given. We have a quick debrief after the session ends and allocate responsibilities and tasks for the upcoming seminar in two weeks.

I have to rush, however, as I’ve signed up for a WBS society event that evening. A previous Google employee is giving a workshop on ‘Digital Marketing and SEO’ that I’ve been excited to attend. I reconvene with my friends and we book into the two-hour lecture. The society has organised pizza for after the workshop, which is great as I don’t have to worry about dinner anymore. I grab a few slices and a soda, then head back home to finish my pre-lecture reading and watch some TV with my flatmate.

As I mentioned earlier, no two days, weeks or months in the life of a management student are the same. Each lecture, group meeting, and event is entirely interchangeable. However, something that does remain constant are the exciting interactions and learnings I take away with me each day.   

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